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Tea Bag in Hot Water

No description

Gabby Boera

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Tea Bag in Hot Water

Tea Bag is dry
Water is clear and hot
Tea Bag
Tea Bag
Osmosis and Diffusion
Tea Bag in Hot Water
Tea leafs aren't
sticking together
- The tea bag is
starting to get soggy.
-The smell of the
tea is spreading
from the bag to the

-Diffusion is when a substance goes from where there is a high concentration to where there is a low concentration to achieve equilibrium like osmosis
-Diffusion was showed in our experiment when the tea's color spread from the high concentration in the tea bag into the low concentration of water, and water traveled into the tea bag

If a tea bag is placed in hot water, then the bag will soak up water and the ingredients' colors will mix into the water because water molecules can travel through the pores of the tea bag which is like a cell's membrane.
-Osmosis is the water molecules traveling across a membrane from were they are in high concentration to were they are low concentration in order to reach equilibrium
-In our experiment, water came through the tea bag into the low concentration of water
-Started to turn brown.
-The tea bag started to send out brown color
-The tea leaves and herbs were compressing inside the tea bag
Cell Membrane
Tea bag
-Cell membranes are the outer layer of a cell
-They are permeable which means some molecules pass through, and some stay in or out
-The tea bag acted as a cell membrane because it let some things (water) in to the bag, and let color from the tea out, but kept the tea leaves in the bag
-Water was infused with tea color
-Soaked from the water and tea leaves were more compact then they were before.
In conclusion, the tea bag acted like a cell membrane because it controlled what went in and out. Just like a cell, osmosis and diffusion occurred when the tea's color left the bag, and the water entered the bag. It also acted like a cell membrane by keeping some things in like the tea leaves.
Wet tea bag
Dry tea bag
By Grace, Gabby, Isa, Munida, and Jason
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