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Driving RTI and Quality Data Analysis

No description

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Driving RTI and Quality Data Analysis

Driving Data-Informed Responses
A school district guided by quality, transformative and relevant data that is immediately actionable for decisions made at the district, across schools and in every classroom.
& Needs Analysis

Exceed RTI

Student Information
Harnessing the power of the cloud to bring data together and make informed decisions
Gradebook Data
A History of Success
Adaptive and Fixed-Form Assessment
Analytics and Visualizations
"Intelligent assessment, data management, and analytics solutions that help learners, educators and leaders around the world accelerate individual achievement, maximize educational outcomes, and drive organizational performance.”

Beyond the Bubble
What this means for you
Create, manage and track interventions through achievement analytics
Helping you evaluate your data and needs and create a plan to move forward
40 years of Data Collection
Scanners, Forms and
By Educators, for
Item Banks for Every Need
Flexible and Scalable
Test Administration
Progress Monitoring
Standards-Based Grading
Get Screener Alerts
Measure Return on Intervention
Track fidelity, usage and effectiveness data
Configurable visualizations
Multiple Data Sources
Drag-and-Draw Query
Where are you now?
Where do you want to be?
What barriers impede progress?
How do you get there?

One-on-One Consultation
Education & Change Management Expertise
Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
Written Report on Findings and Recommendations
What You'll Get:
Bringing your Data Together
Intervention and
Fidelity Data
The right product
combination to meet your needs today and raise the bar on data-driven responses

The right timing
to initiate a comprehensive, phased-in approach aligned to school improvement goals and district initiaves

The right provider
to handle your data, manage your processes, and work with your stakeholders

A consultant-provider to help you understand your data, evaluate your needs, and achieve your vision.

Expertise in educational data models, RTI, MTSS and change management

A partner approach to innovating, developing and implementing complex district-wide solutions.
A Unique Opportunity
Next Steps
A Powerful Partnership
Pinnacle Insight
Return on Intervention
Exceed RTI

Needs analysis
A deeper-dive
Configuration and pricing options
Manage all interventions in one place
Streamline process with timely, data-informed decision-making tools
Built-in achievement analytics for visual instructional grouping and progress monitoring
Analytics and RTI Solution Demonstration
Stephanie Day
Educational Pre-Sales Consultant
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