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1000 - Class 4

No description

Kelly Blidook

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of 1000 - Class 4

Nation states

Binational state
Canada (according to some)

Multinational state
Canada (according to some)
Nations and States
Sub-state Nations
Francophone Canadians

Indigenous/aboriginal peoples
First Nations
Cree Nation (Canada)

May form ethnic communities in new state
Ethnic Groups
Ethnic nations: “national identity depends primarily on objective factors … language, race, or religion.”
Koreans in Japan
Turks in Germany
Quebecois in Canada

Civic nations: “identity that depends primarily on acceptance of the political order.”
United States
Ethnic and Civic Nations (Ignatieff)
State: “Population, territory, sovereignty”

Nation: Common Identity

Sometimes used as synonym for “state” or “country” - but it isn’t.
The state - the nation
The Nation
Posc 1000 – Intro to Political Science
“usually share a common descent from some region of Europe, Asia, Africa, or Latin America.”

Usually preserve distinct identity, but become part of larger nation.
Ethnic Group
Means of solidarity or belonging
Means of exclusion
Often a means of conflict, and often having to do with the nature of a state or states.
Ethnic Nationalism
“A nation is an identity shaped by a large number of people based upon, but not reducible to, objective factors such as common race, language, religion, customs and government.”

Ernest Renan: “A nation is a soul, a spiritual principle … A nation is a great solidarity…”
Multi-state nations
Koreans (North, South)

Stateless Nations
Jews - before modern Israel
States and Nations
Citizens (members of state) may:
not be members of nation,
be single nation,
be many nations.

Problem of terms:
United States - state with sub-states.
United Nations - organization of states.
State and Nation
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