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No description

Rachel Makowski

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of weather

What is Weather
How does the temperature change?
El nino can heat the ocean and when the ocean is heat up fish die. El nino can also change the weather patterns.
El nino
Let's watch a video:)
where I got my info
By Melody Cacungo
Weather is rain snow tornados.
Green house gases affect the temperature. But to many green house gases can make the temperature hot.
A tornado is form when the cold air hold down the hot air and when a little bit of hot air can sneek out the hot air punches the cold air and form's a tornado.
We see clouds move slow but clouds move
fastre then anything in the world.Cirrus clouds are good wether clouds cirrus is thin and it is (6 km) above earth.
Books,my mom,bill nye the sience guy
Air movement
Rain vapor drops grow and grow then it will fall as rain. Raindrplets
Close your eyes and picture the earth like a boll. Now picture a blanket covoring the boll the blanket is the wind. The wind go's a round the earth the sun heat's up the wind
Weather sytems
The north pole and the south pole is tilted and the sun is face the north pole and when the earth moves the north pole is not get enough energy and the south pole is get more energy that givs us winter.
human impact
people change the weather with their car's it is green house gas make the weather making it hot.
the end
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