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Talking about your hometown

No description

Matheus Velasques

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Talking about your hometown

Talking about your hometown
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Read the text of a woman reflecting on her hometown. Follow your teacher instructions for the activity
What is a "hometown"?
“Imagine you are an international student at Wellesley College and your teacher wants you to share some aspects about your hometown on “Blog without borders” (Wellesley student’s blog) so that other students get to know you better. Write a short paragraph about your hometown as if it were to be posted on the website.”

Writing task
Reading time
"Welcome to my hometown"
Based on the information you wrote from the first conversation and the text you just read, elaborate a short presentation of your classmate's hometown most relevant aspects.
(It should last no more than 2 minutes)

Ask your teacher for help if you need.
Talking about your classmate's hometown: planning your talking time
Comparing cities
contrasting lifestyles
Hometown (
): The town where one was born or grew up, or the town of one’s fixed present residence (BrE: home town).
Where do you consider to be your hometown?
In pairs, exchange information about your hometown
# location
# size
# people
# leisure
# tipical food
# climate
# security
# other relevant topic
Please, take notes of the information!
Now, compare with your group and teacher what aspects of the text were mentioned in your pair discussion.
1) What are the differences between Pelotas and your hometowns?

2) Compare Pelotas and your hometown in terms of:
- Leisure activities - climate
- Food - cultural aspects
What topics do you usually include when talking about your hometown?
In what contexts do you do that?
Time for language focus...
Home research
Choose particular aspects about your hometown that have changed over time, such as population, habits, cultural matters, language, etc.

You must bring your research next class.
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