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Swivel Seat Function

No description

Kosta Vasilev

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Swivel Seat Function

Swivel Seat Function Swivel Team: Glenn Leonardo - The Captain
Jaworski Purugganan
Raymart Santos
Jennievie Isturis
Jackie Valenzuela
Melizza Reyes Manila - Philippines Maximum Manual Case Exchange Time
The longest acceptable interval of time that it should take for a case to be delivered from HP and acknowledged by Centrica RIMS or vice versa. Maximum Manual Case Exchange Time for updates either way is 2 hours at any time during Monday to Friday 08.00 until 18.00 UK time. Swivel Seat Definition Reporting Manual Case Exchange Check Check Using Macros Daily Call with Manila Team Error Rate Communication The Manual Case Exchange agent will require email and phone access back into HP SRM team only. There is no requirement for customer contact. The Swivel desk serves as a link between HP's Aries/Aldea and customer's Service-Now by applying manual case exchange between the two systems. There is no explicit reporting from a case exchange aspect. Currently we have a daily call 5 times a week due to the recent high volume of errors.
Usually at 13:00h UK time. Usually twice a week when low error rate. Manila Team sends an extract with requests in SN for the past 6 months. Using a macros in Excel we check for discrepancies.
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