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WLR masterplan

Windsor Link Railway – proposed riverside masterplan

George Bathurst

on 1 June 2017

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Transcript of WLR masterplan

This is what Alexandra Gardens looked like in 1902
Alexandra Gardens
Increased in size by 33%
Reconnected with the river
Barry Avenue grassed-over
Traffic removed
Views of castle restored
The Goswells
Road redirected away from river
Fountain and bowls club re-connected with river
New station and
transport interchange
Existing station preserved
New bus station
New taxi rank
New car drop-off
1,600 parking spaces
La Promenade Plantée
The disused portion of the viaduct will be converted into a green walkway, as in Paris or New York.
This will provide a great experience for visitors arriving and a new route to the park, reconnecting the river with the town centre
The Windsor Link Railway
master plan

New hotel and boat houses
Luxury hotel
Boat house
River dining
Road moved away from river
Park extended in-front of Brown's
New Cinema
Direct services to Paddington restored
Fast trains to Waterloo restored
Crossrail connected to Windsor and Ascot
Direct trains to Heathrow
Underground parking
Up to 1,600 spaces under Alexandra Gardens
Access via new link road direct to dual-carriageway
Traffic reduced in town centre
Weekdays for commuters
Weekends for shoppers
New homes and offices
The enlarged pleasure gardens will be enhanced with an edge, as in Regent's Park
The new terrace could provide 500 new homes and 400,000 sq ft of prestige offices
The railway improvements ensure sustainability, for growth without traffic gridlock
Cornwall Terrace, Regent's Park
Imperial Gardens, Cheltenham
This is the same view today
Could we use the opportunity of new parking underground to re-landscape and restore the original intention of the gardens whilst keeping most of the mature trees?
New footbridge to the Brocas
Re-connect the north and south sides of the river to re-create the sense of one natural place
Create a new circular walking route, giving great views of the castle
Foot-fall in Eton improved
Setting of Jubliee fountain improved by re-routing traffic
Riverside station
Home Park
Station car park converted to homes
Initial scheme used to finance wider rail project
Home Park reconnected with river for first time in 150 years
The High Line
, New York City
Promenade Plantée and Viaduc des Arts
, Paris
Let us know what you think!
This master plan is for ideas and prompting debate rather than a finished design.
Please help by taking our survey at
Master plan drawn by James Armitage Architects
Part of the Princes Foundation for Building Community Professional Network
Restored and converted for public use such as a cinema or an extension to St George's School
Tunnel construction should take less than one year
Transporting spoil and construction materials by river and placing works areas far away from the town centre, will minimise disruption to residents and visitors
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