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mario figliola

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Mario Figliola The Hero's Journey:
Smallville (superman) 8.) The Ordeal: In a small town, Smallville, a meteor shower occurred. This meteor shower was caused by an alien. This alien was Clark Kent, also known as Superman. He came to earth from the planet Krypton, because his home planet was being attacked. His parents sent him to earth where he would be safe. He had been on earth for 18 years, and had seen many of the problems it withheld. 2.) The call to adventure: 6.) Tests Allies and Enemies: Clark's mentor is his father. His father may be dead, but Clark can still communicate with him while he's in the Fortress of Solitude. His father gives him all the advice he needs to make the right decisions. 4.) Meeting with a mentor: 3.) The Refusal to the Call: Clark refused the call to adventure. He refused, because he was scared about everyone finding out about his secret. His family (the polite couple who found and took him as their own) were the only people who knew his secret at the time. He wanted to keep his powers a secret, so he could live a normal life like everyone else. Clark meets allies such as Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Chloe Sulliven, and Oliver Queen. He also encounters an enemy, Lex Luthor. Lex wants to destroy Clark. He wants to destroy him, because they were great friends when they were kids, but Clark had never told Lex his secret identity. THis was a problem, because Lex knew he was hiding something, but he wasn't sure what. Another reason was because of the closeness Clark had with Lexs' father Lionel Luthor, that Lex never had. What had really pushed Lex over the edge was the fact that Lana Lane loved Clark, and Lex loved Lana. 9.) The Reward: Meteor shower where Clark came to earth.
<---------- Clark portrayed himself as a normal guy. But really, he
was much more
than that! Inside view Outside view There were many ordeals in the series of Smallville. But, the biggest one had to be when Lex trapped Clark and Oliver in the Phantom Zone. The Phantom Zone is a timeless prison dimension made by a wormhole in the universe.The worst part about the wormhole, is that it makes Clark completely powerless. After escaping the Phantom Zone and defeating Lex, Clark no longer has anyone trying to kill him. Clark also gets to marry the girl of his dreams Lois Lane. But, the biggest reward of all, is becoming the hero that he has always had inside him, Superman.
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