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Shakespearean Tragedy

No description

Erin Davis

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Shakespearean Tragedy

Elements of Shakespearean Tragedy 1. A tragic hero with appealing qualities.
The audience is moved by his downfall. 2. Unexpected suffering and tragedy, often contrasted with previous happiness, leading to the death of the hero and others. 3. A tragic flaw that contributes to the hero's fall. 4. Plot twists that hinge on chance
or circumstance. 5. Outward conflicts accompanied by
inner conflicts. Struggles of the human
psyche and soul. 6. A struggle
between good
and evil. 7. A sense of waste
or loss in the final act. 8. A sense that the moral
order of the world has
been disturbed. 9. A sense of resolution at
the end of the play. 2
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