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Harrison Bergeron

No description

Sadiq Sistrunk

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Harrison Bergeron

By: Kurt Vonnegut
Harrison Bergeron
-He declares that the next woman that stands up will becomes his Empress.

-A ballerina stands up and Harrison breaks her handicaps and removes her mask.

-He commands the orchestra to play music suitable for the two to dance to and tells them that he will make them his dukes, barons, and earls ONLY if they play well..

-While dancing, he and the ballerina defy the law of gravity and leap unnatural heights into the air.
Prezi By: Moriah T, Pavithra M, Sadiq S, Wissam B, and Bryanna N
-The government (United States Handicapper General) takes large measures to make sure everyone and everything is equal in every possible way

-Those who excelled is anything (above average) had to wear handicaps and follow the extra rules. Failing to do so will result in deep consequences and in extreme cases, execution.
Inciting Incident
-Diana Moon Glampers, a Handicapper General, came into the studio and shot Harrison and his Empress

-Both Harrison and his Empress died
-Harrison Bergeron, a 14 year old boy, was arrested on charges of his intelligence.

-During a performance by a troop of ballerinas, an announcement is broadcast that Harrison has escaped prison.

- A police photo of Harrison is shown
-Although their son being arrested was a grievous loss, George and Hazel could not think about it that much.

-Hazel's intelligence did not allow her to think above average which meant she could only think for a short amount of time before losing her train of thought.

-For George, his intelligence was above average. He was considered to be a threat to the distopian government and their way of life. It was required for people like him to wear an earpiece that emits an unpleasant sound whenever they thought about something for a long time to scatter their thoughts.

- They both were criticizing the performance and talked about George's handicaps

- After the announcements , George realized that the figure was their son.

- After the two were shot, the Bergerons' television tube burnt out and Hazel ready to comment on the show but George went into the kitchen for a can of beer

- When George came back, he saw Hazel crying

-George asks what was wrong but Hazel doesn't remember., so everything goes back to normal
Essential Question:
To what extent should equality be achieved?

Harrison Bergeron
George Bergeron
Hazel Bergeron
Rising Action
Right after the announcement , Harrison rips the door open and intrudes the studio.
-He holds everyone hostage and declares himself Emperor.

-He then breaks out of his handicap bags, glasses, and headphones.
Dehumanizing Society

The Danger Of Total Equality
Direct Characterization
"He is a genius and an athlete"
Flat Character
Dystopian Society in April of 2081
Diane Moon Glampers and Harrison Bergeron
Direct characterization
Flat character
Average, so no handicaps
Direct characterization
Flat character
Intelligent and a bit above average strength
Wore a mental handicap radio in his ear and carried a 47 pound strength handicap
Harrison's Death
George: "The minute people start cheating on laws, what do you think happens to society."
Harrison represents individuality and freedom of expression
Hazel represents naivete
The handicaps represent suppression of society and restriction of freedom
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