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Ride The Wave to Computer Technology!

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jatheeshan raveenthiran

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Ride The Wave to Computer Technology!

Ride The Wave Of Computer Technology!
That's all Folks!
Thank you.
Computer Engineering falls under Computer Technology because as you know, Computer engineers work with computers, design them, also they work on the Hardware and Software aspects of the computers.
Since their job is associated with computers, this job more likely falls in to Computer Technology.
Which Is What?
Computer Technology is everywhere! (BBT)
The act of producing, designing and programming computers.
The Broad Based Technology in Computer Engineering is Computer Technology.
Computer Technology is now mostly used at jobs. Business life, social life, school life.
Education (Degrees and Subjects in High School)
High school Diploma
Bachelor's degree (least)
Master's Degree of Doctoral degree. Good preparation for job.
Degrees Math or Physics. Specifically Calculus and Vectors
Calculus and Vectors
Advanced Funtions
University and Averages
All these universities provide the same program: Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Waterloo University
University of Toronto
Ryerson University
Concordia University
University of Manitoba
Averages must be 80% or higher.
Fundamental Concepts
: Computer Engineers need innovation because they need to think in order to create useful products that will be used in the marketplace. They must create products that will be successful and also be useful to the community.
: The engineer need Aesthetics on his/her side because , that way the consumer will appreciate the product and pay for it. As they keep paying the product will be recognized and be successful in the marketplace.
Essential Skills
: Computer Engineers need THINKING because , in order to overcome a problem , they must identify it and resolve it.
: Computer Engineers need Numeracy in order to do programming. Also for computer interfacing.
Working Habits and Character Traits
: Computer Engineers need a lot of organization so that they don't loose their piece of work. Also they won't be confused on what they are doing.
: Computer Engineers need a lot of patience in case of any miscalculations, or the because the result was not what they expected.

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