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Drum Sound Waves

No description

Matthew Smith

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Drum Sound Waves

Drum Sound Waves What is sound? How does sound produce on drums? Sound on Snare Drum Sound is a longitudinal mechanical wave
- Sound travel at 345 meters/second
-Medium affects speed of sound
-travels faster at higher temperatures The vibrating drum causes air molecules
around it to vibrate at the same frequency
creating a sound that you hear with your ear
- The drum skin on the top of the drum vibrates
at different frequencies for different pitches and
different sounds Parts of Wave Sound Wave -http://soundbible.com/tags-snare-drum.html -Rock snare drums usually have thicker skins or heads -Jazz snare drums usually have thinner skins or heads tThinner the drum head=
lower sound.
Thicker the drum head=
higher sound Snare Drum Wave Sound on Bass Drum The sound on a bass drum is much lower than any other drum. The drum skin is much thicker than any drum and the thickness creates a lower sound when you strike it. http://www.compositiontoday.com/sound_bank/percussion/bass_drum.asp Bass Drum Wave Sounds on Tom Tom Drums Tom Toms have similar sounds to each other, they are like twins. Both have waves that arent low or high they are like the middle of the low and high sounds http://www.soundsnap.com/tags/tom_drum Tom Tom Frequencies The frequencies on the tom toms can change according to how thick the drum skin is and how it is tuned. THE END There is a way you can change the sound of any drum. There is always tuning keys you can move to make the drum sound different. Moving the keys to the right tightens the drum head for a higher sound and moving the keys keys to the left causes it to be lower like a bass drum. Tuning Keys
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