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Copy of AP Psychology: Sleep, dreams, hypnosis

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Brad Campbell

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of AP Psychology: Sleep, dreams, hypnosis

Sleep stages, dreams, hypnosis REM SLEEP
Rapid Eye
Movement Sleep disorders! Non-REM Stages 2-4% of AP PSYCH EXAM Dream theory Activation Synthesis Model SLEEP APNEA STAGE 1 PARADOXICAL!! NARCOLEPSY INSOMNIA SLEEP WALKING NIGHT TERRORS! STAGE 2 STAGE 3, 4 Hypnosis theory Start video 11 min- shows dissociation: That is, under hypnosis, our brain is divided. One part of the brain is aware of the hypnotist's suggestions and another part of the brain is outside of the person's awareness! Uncontrollable urge to sleep; triggered
by emotions Disorder where person stops breathing during sleep Inability to get to sleep, stay asleep,
or get a good night of sleep AKA Somnambulism -
during stage 4 sleep (deepest),
person is unaware of actions Awake:
Beta waves- alert and
Alpha waves - relaxed intense fear, anxiety,
gasping in stage 4; child remains in deep sleep 30-second review BATS D rink B lood Alpha, theta waves (drifty, floaty, daydream)
Body relaxes - decreased heart, breathing
Hypnic "jerks" or sensations (sudden muscle contractions)
Hallucinations Theta waves with sleep spindles and spikes
Dreams of daily routine, body temp lower DEEPEST sleep...some combine 3,4...
so relaxed, if you wake up in this stage, you will
feel groggy or disoriented
*Night terrors, sleepwalking and bedwetting No more counting sheep
Something strange happens after stage 3, 4 sleep
Your body moves out of relaxation! Internally aroused Externally calm *Heart rate up
*Breathing up
*Increased blood flow
*Eye movement (may have role in vivid dreams, nightmares!!) *Motor neurons blocked
*Muscle tone is lower - calm/paralyzed body, especially below brainstem Biological explanation for dreams: the neural firing of "pons" in brainstem causes the brain to "synthesize" or make sense of activity - thus, dreams Latent: underlying or hidden FREUD saw manifest, latent Manifest - content/details of dream Activation Information Model The brain uses events of everyday life or culture or personality to "make-sense" of neural firings Suggestability - some are more inclined to accept directions, feel emotions more intensely, etc. ... small REM REBOUND Sleep deprived individuals will go to REM immediately once they fall alseep
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