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English assessment

tomorrow when the war began

Hayden Welge

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of English assessment

A key element to the novel Survival Survival is intrinsic in the novel because it is directly related to the effects of war and is evident in the fact that the group is faced with the hazards of an enemy country invading their country. The characters must ensure they survive, so that they can save their loved ones and attempt to fight for the very existence of their country. The following quote signifies the need for survival, “We’ve got to stick together, that’s all I know… Humans do such terrible things to each other… I just hope we can survive.” Here Ellie points out the importance of the groups’ solidarity in order for them to survive. This quote shows us that survival is imperative in their situation because if they can stay together then maybe, just maybe they can live through this nightmare. In any precarious situation, people have to figure out strategies so they can survive both physically and mentally. Within this novel, there are many predicaments where the characters have to change their behavior in the most drastic of ways, to ensure their survival. The characters learn that in order to be able to survive you must try to foresee the problems that may arise, and make quick and at times overwhelming decisions. More importantly, sometimes these life or death situations involve making choices that are not characteristic of a person’s customary behavior; however, they are forced to change in order to stay alive. Thus, the characters are challenged mentally to make decisions that go completely against everything they deem to be acceptable and merciful. In the following letter, I have endeavored to highlight the situation whereby the instincts of survival are essential to stay alive.
Dear Family,
It has begun; the least possible has now become the more than possible. A war has broken out in this peaceful country. Innocent lives are being taken, it is all too much for me to handle. It’s overwhelming. The destruction has torn our people apart. All I want to know is why? Why are they doing this to our peace loving country? Have we done something? I am quite terrified by the horror of it all. Although my main priority now is surviving, and hopefully in doing so, I can save my family and fight for my country. A country that I have always been proud of, and love completely
Hayden J Welge Thank you for watching my Prezi Presentation.
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