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The Paper Bag Princess Book report

No description

amira e

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of The Paper Bag Princess Book report

By Amira Elmi
The Paper Bag Princess

Main Character(s)
One of the main characters in The Paper Bag Princess is Princess Elizabeth who is the protagonist. Some of her characteristics are: smart and clever.She is smart because she was able to manipulate the dragon into letting her save the prince. Another main character, who plays the antagonist of the story is the dragon. One characteristic for the dragon would be stupid. The dragon was stupid because he fell into Elizabeth's trap of tiring himself out so she could save the prince who was such a snob.

Book Report By:Amira Elmi
The Setting in The Paper Bag Princess by: Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko . The story takes place in a castle in a kingdom. I would say this story takes place in the medieval times.
This picture book has a problem and resolution. The problem in the story is that the princess loses the boy sh thinks she loves and has to defeat the dragon who destroyed her castle. The resolution of The Paper Bag Princess is that she finds a way to trick the dragon into making him do obstacles that would eventually exhaust him. When she does this she saves prince Ronald.
The Paper Bag Princess has two morals.One moral is that anyone can portray the hero in the book unlike other fairy tales which men usually portray the hero in the story . Another moral is don't judge someone by the way they look . This is an important theme in the story because at the end, after Elizabeth saved Ronald he started criticizing how she was dressed and looked.
A lot of things happen in The Paper Bag Princess. In the beginning of the picture book an evil dragon comes and burns down the castle and everything that was in it, he also took prince Ronald into captivity .

After that, Princess Elizabeth goes on a journey to save prince Ronald. She confronts the dragon who destroyed her castle. She then try's to get Ronald back by tricking the dragon.She tricked the dragon by making him burn down fifty forests and making him run around the world five times he was then physically exhausted so he went to sleep.

Elizabeth then went into his castle and saved prince Ronald. When she saved him he started criticizing, what she looked like. Princess Elizabeth couldn't handle it anymore and left Ronald.
If I Were A Primary Teacher
If I were a Primary teacher I would read it to my students If one child took something that was very valuable to them. I am sure that the picture book would solve a lot of problems.
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