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The yacht industry

No description

Pierre Gallard

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of The yacht industry

Is the yacht industry affected by
the economic crisis? Work experience in the
UK's biggest independent boat dealer Biggest independent boat dealer in the UK
30 employees
New and second-hand boats for sale
Worldwide deliveries
Official dealer of : Language improvements
Another culture, another management system, etc.
Lack of technical knowledge
"Poor" missions Outcome Main missions Find new markets in the French-speaking territories (place classified ads, create a Facebook page, translate the company website, etc.)
Deal with French customers or companies (e.g. customers interested in the Catana) Importance of emerging markets Domestic market very important during the economic crisis (i.e. growth of second-hand boat market)
Today, 70% of the yacht sales in the UK but English market nearly full
Need to find new markets, prospecting Choice of the subject Read articles about the company
"The super-rich are still super-rich - they're just a little bit less super-rich"
Check this statement Process Contact the British Marine Federation
Research on the international and European markets
Carry out interviews with professionals during my work experience Method Follow the example of the LEA conferences:

Images = current market at different scales
Evolution = evolution of the market since the economic crisis
Reality = example of Essex Boatyards and Fairline facing the crisis Difficulties Hot topic, slowdown is not over: lack of distance to know and understand the consequences
Find information What is next? Interesting to know the evolution of the market (recession, potential Euro meltdown?)
Compare with another company of the sector
Why not apply for a work experience at Jeanneau, one of the biggest companies of the region and European leader in sailing yachts
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