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CFUnited 2010 - ColdFusion On Wheels

No description

Mike Henke

on 23 November 2010

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Transcript of CFUnited 2010 - ColdFusion On Wheels

NECFUG - Nov 2010
ColdFusion On Wheels
Conventions Over Configuration Mike Henke
twitter: mikehenke Thanks NECFUG * Ryan Stille * Mark Kruger *
Wheels Core Team http://bit.ly/coIvaN Understanding Wheels
in One Tweet @SimianE - Trying to get my head around cfwheels... I'm beginning to think writing my own framework would be easier than learning one!!!

Controller files maps to folders in Views with methods mapping to view files Wheels Philosophies
Working With Wheels
New Features 1.1
Resources Outline Of Session Wheels Philosophies Convention Over Configuration (CoC)
Model View Controller (MVC)
Active Record Pattern (ORM)
Simplicity Revival Active Record Design Pattern Approach to accessing data in a database
DB defines data - object access it

Implementations of Active Record Pattern
Rails (ActiveRecord), PHP, .Net,
Python, Perl, ColdFusion Starting in Seconds Download & Place in Web Root


MARC (MySQL,Apache,Railo Working With Wheels View Conclusion Wheels Philosophies
MVC, CoC, Active Record, & Simplicity Revival Intuitive File Organization,
Naming, and Configuration Wheels Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
Complex SQL Questions? Resources http://cfwheels.org http://geekandpoke.typepad.com Controller Model
Complex SQL /Controllers/Say.cfc /Views/Say funtions (actions)
like hello /Views/Say/hello.cfm URL Examples & Request Handling URL Pattern -[controller]/[action]/[key] Wheels In A Nutshell http://groups.google.com/group/cfwheels http://cfwheels.org/docs http://cfwheels.org/screencasts http://cfwheels.org/docs/chapter/beginner-tutorial-hello-world http://henke.ws/page.cfm/downloads http://www.fusegrid.com http://localhost/index.cfm?controller=say&action=hello&key=1 http://localhost/index.cfm/say/hello/1 http://localhost/say/hello/1 Hibernate Is an ORM solution
Uses data mapper pattern
Objects define data - database stores it
What are we trying to solve with ORMs? Simplicity Revival * Nested properties allow you to save changes to multiple associated database tables in one form object.
* Automatic validations give Wheels the ability to introspect your database and register validations without your needing to write a single line of code.
* You can now respond to requests for HTML, JSON, XML, PDF, Excel, and more in a single controller action.
* Nested layouts allow you to extend layouts and remove repetition in your view code. New Features 1.1
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