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Technology in Education GHS

Technology uses in the classroom.

Emilia Kardjian

on 7 May 2011

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Transcript of Technology in Education GHS

Technology in Education at GHS HOW? Interactive Smart Boards
Enhance Student Engagement Online Discussions
and Chats Putting Texting to
Good Use Computer Classes Don't Want a Paper?
No Problem, Make a Webpage Instead :) Or Create a Prezi ! WHY? Students:
Create Presentations
Share Knowledge with Peers
Learn Skills Required in Today's Competetive Job Market Instructors teach with videos
Students demonstrate learning by MAKING videos Research, Video/ Audio, Animated Simulations
Help students discover knowledge beyond the textbook Job Readiness Preparing GHS Students for Future Careers Skills Our Students Will Obtain:

Collaboration, Team Work and Interpersonal Skills
Research Skills
Analytical Skills
Creativity and Inventiveness
Technology: Mastery of softwares and programs used in various careers (Excel, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Prezi and more) Transformations:
School to Job
Student to Professional SUCCESS In the 21st Century ! COMMUNICATION
Home-School Connections
to the
Business & Technology Academy
Garfield High School Moving Forward ONLINE LIBRARY Check Student Grades on
PARENT PORTAL Make Web Pages Using Class Web Pages Online Homework & Test Practice Travel to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii...
...without leaving the classroom Forget Paper Maps...
Experience the World Up Close
with GoogleEarth Interactive Satellite
Imaging & Mapping Think Critically
Analyze & Evaluate
Debate/ Persuade
Write/ Publish

Create solutions
Read Analytically
Research & Analyze
Write for Various Audiences
Publish Inquire / Question
Create Heading for.... Virtual Trips
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