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Spain: the catholic bulwark

No description

Emir Younes

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Spain: the catholic bulwark

Spain: the Catholic Bulwark 2gdgg dgdgd8w6q-yd FSAFDEW Phillip II: Ruled from 1556 - 1598
A staunch supporter of Catholicism he married Mary I of England
Inherited most of Europe, (Spain, colonies in the americas and parts of Italy), from his father, Charles V
Increased his empire, when in 1580 he became the ruler of Portugal
A deeply suspicious man:
"His smile and his dagger were very close"

Nerve center of spanish empire
86 staircases, 1,200 doors, 84 miles of corridor
Official residence and monastery of Phillip II

Spain & Catholicism Catholicism vs. Muslim Ottoman Turks & Protestants
In 1571, the pope called on all catholic princes to take up arms against the Ottman empire
In 1588, Phillip waged war on Elizabeth I, his no. 1 enemy The Escorial: October 7, 1571 Battle of Lepanto Naval war
Christendom 1 - 0 Muslim Ottoman Turks August 1588 Spanish Armada vs. English Navy Purpose: Turn England into a Catholic nation
Defeat of the Spanish Armada Spain: A Golden Age Reign of Phillip marked the golden age in Spanish culture
The works of two great artists showed the pride and piety of Spain El Greco: 1541 - 1614Born Kyriakos Theotokopoulos in the island of Crete
Painted Catholic saints and martyrs
His use of deep, vibrant colors heightened the drama and religious intensity of his paintings
Diego Velazquez: 1599 - 1660
His paintings showed the pride of the royal family
Best known for his portraits of Spanish kings mounted on rearing stallions Cervantes: An unsuccessful playwright
In 1605, he published Don Quixote of La Mancha
A series of the misadventures of a knight
Main character:
Don Quixote
Sancho Panza
Subject of the novel:
Chivalry The Spanish Economy Successors of Phillip II were considered weak & foolish

Spain's golden age gradually lost its glitter

By 1650, the Spanish economy was in a dreadful state

Spanish king was in debt to foreign creditors

Gold & silver from the americas flooded European streets, as a result prices doubled and redoubled: Inflation

http://jeopardylabs.com/play/spains-golden-age Don Quijote
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