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Iron Man

KS205-A Group Presentation

cassandra chowdhury

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Iron Man

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Essential
IRON MAN By: Cassandra Chowdhury, Kaylea Forde, Danielle Lohan, Kelly-Ann Baranik Publisher: Marvel
Produced: October, 11th, 2008
Creators: Don Heck, the main artist
& Stan Lee, the writer KS205-A The Main Character: Anthony (Tony) Stark, a play-boy, mechanical, super-genius billionaire turned superhero, Iron Man.
The Suit: Iron chest plate, A body Armour suit with mandarin rings, Repulsor beams, Duplicate every action of the human body, Powered air pressure jets. - Done in black and white
- Multiple issues ranging from issue #39 “Tales of Suspense: Iron Man is Born” to issue #72 “Tales of Suspense Featuring Iron Man and Captain America: The Sleeper Shall Awake”. Gender, Status, & Race -Iron Man aka Tony Stark is a Caucasian male and billionaire playboy
-His profession is an engineer for Stark Industries, therefore he designs and creates military weapons, some of which are incorporated into his armour in order to fight crime
-Initially, Stan Lee wanted Iron Man to explore themes of the Cold War Stark is not physically powerful without his suit and therefore cannot fight crime without it
- All of his suits are sustained by a force field
- His suit depicts the very distinctive and classic masculine form -Stark is a huge womanizer
-However, he always leaves his dates in order to become Iron Man and returns once his duty is complete
-Never settles down with one female Viewer Identification Wanting to embody the character
The more abstract and distorted a drawing, the easier it is to embody "Amplification through Simplification" Comics Language vs. Visual Language Motion and Caricature Closure: observing the parts but perceiving the whole G
Use of Panels

Panel-to-Panel Transitions
1. Moment to moment
2. Action to action
3. Subject to subject
4. Scene to scene
5. Aspect to aspect
6. Non-sequitur Questions? Do you believe Tony Stark should be considered a superhero? Or do you believe his status and success allowed him to become one? If so, what makes him a superhero compared to someone with natural abilities such as Superman?
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