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1960's Webquest

1960's Flashback

Suzanne Shabaan

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of 1960's Webquest

1960's Flashback Madras Plaid shirts were very popular in the 60's. The pompadour hairstyle for men was extremely common back then. Paul Newman was very successful in his lifetime; he had many careers including a director, race car driver, a superstar and a philanthropist. He acted in 59 movies, and received 10 Oscar nominations. 1962 Chevrolet Corvair This car was very common to be driving in the 60's. 1966 Ford Mustang Just like the Corvair, it was extremely common to be seen driving in this car. Today, it would be unusual to see someone driving this car everywhere. Bands that were popular (early-mid 60's) The Beatles
The Monkees
Led Zepplin
Rolling Stones
Drifters Popular TV shows in the 60's The Andy Griffith Show
The Flintstones Two presidents in the 60's John F. Kennedy
Dwight D. Eisenhower Six most commonly used items in the 60's (prices) Vacuum Cleaner - ranged from $40.00-$75.00
Color TV - ranged from $345.00-$400.00
Easy-Bake Ovens - $15.95
Full side by side fridge freezer - $458.00
Automatic can opener - $8.88
Dishwasher - $218.88 Five popular toys in the 60's Hoola-hoops
Betsy Wetsy
Play-doh 50's/60's greaser subculture Greasers originated in the 50’s among young northeastern and southern US street gangs. These youths were known as hoods. The name greaser came from their greased-black hairstyle, which they combed back with wax, gel, or creams. They usually wore white or black t-shirts, black leather jackets, and black or blue Levi’s. Although this was most popular in the US, there were similar subcultures in the UK, Australia, Italy, and Sweden. They were often called grease instead of greaser. Reasons why a teenager might join a gang in the 60's There are a lot of reasons as to why teens might join a gang, but the number one reason is most likely to get respect or out of peer pressure. Their environment around them really affects how they will live their lives. In dangerous, or “hoods” as people say, there might be a lot of gangs because of the condition of the neighborhood. Another reason to join a gang is out of fear; they may have been abused by someone in the past so they want people to be afraid of them so they can no longer be scared of those who hurt them. There are many reasons but the last reason I’m going to talk about is protection. Growing up in a bad neighborhood can be hard and scary; it can be extremely dangerous for a young child or teen to grow up alone in this kind of neighborhood. The child/teen may feel overwhelmed, or scared of being attacked, so they join a gang to be protected because if you are in a pack or a set, it’s less likely to be attacked. What gangs were like in the 60's Gangs usually wore certain colors so people would know who they are. They used nicknames to identify themselves, and they used drugs and drank alcohol. They engage in criminal activity including assault and murder. Today, gangs are even more dangerous than back then. Slang terms bread-money
crash- go to bed; sleep
cruising- driving up and down the same street looking for races, girls, guys, etc.
"Don't sweat it." - don't worry about it; stop bothering me
easy- another way of saying goodbye. Example: "Easy, man!" 3 major world events in the 60's First Spacecraft Monitoring Station at Cape Canaveral, Florida.
First Deep Space Station in Spain
Venus Research and Development Site at Goldstone, CA.
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