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Ancient Aliens Thesis

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Stephanie Carballo

on 31 January 2015

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Transcript of Ancient Aliens Thesis

Ancient Aliens Thesis
The course of human civilizations has been influenced by extra-terrestrial visitors.
Megalithic Constructions
Megalithic constructions - Colossal constructions made only out of rocks. Ancient civilizations are credited with building megalithic constructions.

What Ancient Aliens Thinks About Megalithic Constructions
Ancient Aliens believes that ancient civilizations couldn't possibly have built megalithic constructions on their own. Their theory is that ancient aliens came to Earth and gave ancient civilizations the technology to build them.
Today, It is difficult for professional engineers to build huge constructions even with modern technology.
To build big constructions you need big machinery. Ancient civilizations did not have machinery.
They question how it was possible for the ancient civilizations to transport extremely heavy stone blocks from one place to another without the use of cranes or other modern heavy-lift machines.
Ancient Aliens theorizes that extra-terrestrials gave ancient civilizations a type of "hand held device" that could levitate heavy stone blocks and transport them from place to place.
Why would ancient civilization want to build huge structures with huge blocks?
On the Construction of The Great Pyramid of Giza
The Great Pyramid of Giza
I decided to research specifically into The Great Pyramid of Giza, which Ancient Aliens likes to deem as impossible to build without technological help from extra-terrestrials. I began researching into what types of tools the Egyptians might have used to be able to move the heavy stone blocks used to build the Great Pyramid. I discovered that the Egyptians had very basic tools to help them transport heavy things from one place to another. For example, three sledges have been excavated by archaeologists in Egypt. The beams of the sledges have slots in them where ropes were inserted in order to secure and pull a heavy load. Egyptian art and images mostly show sledges being used to pull funerary equipment, but there are some that depict sledges being used to transport building materials. Ropes have also been found by archaeologists while excavating in Egypt. Some of the ropes are large and thick which indicates that they were used to pull large and heavy objects. While ropes and sledges have been excavated in Egypt, not a single levitation device has ever been discovered in Egypt or anywhere else in the world.
Houdin's Theory

Jean-Pierre Houdin is a French architect that believes he has found the most plausible theory concerning the construction of The Great Pyramid of Giza. His theory is that an internal ramp was used to get the stone blocks to higher and higher elevations as the pyramid progressed. Now, what makes his theory different from the rest of the theories circulating the Great Pyramid? Well, unlike other theories, Houdin's theory actually has credible evidence behind it. The credible evidence came from a microgravity test that was conducted by a French team in Egypt to measure the density of different sections of The Great Pyramid. The French team had noticed a sort of spiral within the pyramid when they ran a computer analysis of the test's results, but they didn't know what the spiral was so they set the evidence aside. A few years later the image of a spiral within the pyramid was shared with Houdin and he realized that the spiral seen was most likely the spiral ramp that he believed was used in the construction of the Great Pyramid. Though Houdin's theory is credible and very plausible, it has not yet been proven correct or incorrect.
In general, Ancient Aliens thinks that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built with levitation devices and ancient alien technology. My research into the construction of The Great Pyramid of Giza indicated that their theory is not the most plausible. My research has led me to believe that I have found the most plausible theory on how The Pyramid was built.
Microgravity scan of The Great Pyramid of Giza taken by French team
Precision Work
What Ancient Aliens Think About Ancient Precision Work
Ancient Aliens believes that ancient civilizations were not capable of creating intricate designs and cuts into hard stone. They believe that extra-terrestrials came to Earth and either gave the ancients the tools to cut and shape stones with ease or they made their designs in stone and then left the planet.
Research into Pumapunku
Ancient Aliens delves into the breath-taking stone masonry shown at locations like Pumapunku and Machu Pichu. I decided to research the mysterious Pumapunku in depth. After researching deeply into the magnificent stone masonry shown at Pumapunku, I have been left confused and without a definitive answer as to how ancient peoples were able to create such detailed designs and shapes out of stone. Still, I have found credible evidence that explains some of the magnificent work done with stones at Pumapunku.
How the Tiwanaku People Could Have Constructed Pumapunku Without Extra-Terrestrial Involvement
Ancient Aliens states that it is impossible that the Tiwanaku people could have cut and fit the stones at Pumupunku with such precision. My research on how the Tiwanaku could have accomplished this indicated that the Tiwanaku would have cut the stones to fit with the ones already placed. It is a common engineering technique to cut the bottom stone at a certain angle and then place a stone cut at the same angle on top of it. Also, many of the stones at Pumapunku are held together with copper fasteners. This is credible because the Andes where Pumapunku is located contains the largest amount of mineral wealth found in the Americas. Copper artifacts have been found but there have been very few of them. This has to do with the fact that the area has been looted many times throughout history. Though records of metallurgy in the Andes is incomplete, it does not mean that aliens is the answer.
During the show, the experts are constantly stressing how difficult it is to cut the granite and diorite stone blocks at Pumapunku. They state that it is impossible that the Tiwanaku culture was able to make such precise shapes in the hard to cut granite and diorite without the advanced technology we have today or without extra-terrestrial technology. They say that shaping granite can only be achieved with the advanced diamond tipped machines that we use today. After researching into what the rocks at Pumapunku are made of I discovered that
Ancient Aliens
had been stating incorrect information. Such an important piece of information that was stated incorrectly really knocks some points off of
Ancient Aliens’
Ancient Aliens
incorrectly states that the stone blocks at Puma Punku are made out of granite and diorite, when actually the stones are made out of red sand stone and andesite.
Ancient Aliens
After discovering that
Ancient Aliens
had been wrong about what materials the blocks at Pumapunku are made of, I went on to research how difficult it would have been for ancient civilizations to cut into red sand stone and andesite and with what tools they would have used to cut into the material. I searched through multiple web pages for information on what types of tools could have been used to create the designs on the stones at Pumapunku. Very few metal tools that would have been capable of cutting into the blocks at Pumapunku have been found in Bolivia. This may be due to the amount of looting that took place in Bolivia during the colonial era.
In the end I was left confused and without any definitive information or evidence on what tools were used at Pumapunku. But, this does not mean that ancient aliens immediately gets to take the credit for the marvelous stone masonry shown at Pumapunku.
In conclusion, my research has proven that the Ancient Aliens theory is plausible on some points and implausible on others. Ancient Aliens has outlandish theories about megalithic constructions which I think I have mostly debunked with my research. When it comes to ancient precision work I still don't know how to accurately explain how it was done even after deep research. Since evidence that the Tiwanaku people constructed Pumapunku is incomplete, what should we make of the location? If it isn't completely credible that the Tiwanaku culture built it, then who
build it? The ancient alien theory is plausible, but it lacks much concrete evidence. Saying that ancient civilizations were advanced stone masons and capable of making intricate designs in stone is not easy to prove and neither is the ancient aliens theory. So where does that leave us? In my opinion, it leaves us extremely confused.
I think these are questions that will take intense research to be able to answer. Even if we do find the most plausible answer, people will always speculate and create their own theories on the subject. Personally, I don't think we will ever definitively know what really happened in those mysterious ancient times.
Their Evidence
Do you believe in extra-terrestrials?
Out of 20 people, 12 said they did and 8 people said they didn't.
Do you think that ancient aliens could have influenced human civilizations?
Out of 20 people, 3 said they did and 17 said they didn't.
Do you believe in extra-terrestrials?

Do you think that ancient aliens could have influenced human civilizations?
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