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Taking Advantage of Past Leads

Webinar 8/22

Brandi Musgrave

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Taking Advantage of Past Leads

Taking Advantage
Of Past Leads

What Do You Know About Your Prospects?
Can you turn them into low lying fruit?
The Average LASIK Prospect Thinks About LASIK for 3-5 Years
Is Your Practice Keeping
A Database Of Prospects?
If So, how is it segmented? Is Your practice actively reaching out to them?
If Not, You Should Be... Here is why
Most practices focus on the "Now Buyer"

Offer discounts to get them to "BUY NOW!"
Is your practice missing out on the investigators?
What You Should Know About Investigators

They have questions or concerns that are simply unanswered

Interested in LASIK but they can deal with the lenses for now too

Waiting for a life event to enable them to become a now buyer (Income Tax Return, Company bonus, loan approval, etc.)
The conclusion...
Investigators need to overcome a specific
( More education, Fear, Cost)
be ready to have LASIK.
Are you keeping track of your Investigators? Each prospect who calls should be asked for their name, email, and phone.
How Do You Reach The Investigators?
The majority of patients who are shopping for ‘the best price’ are really saying that they do not know enough about the LASIK procedure to recognize that price should not be their primary determining factor.
Something To Consider....
Most prospects do not know how to differentiate one practice to another on anything but price...
Where most practices lose patients is through delivering the same message over and over.
Best Strategy for Follow Up

2 emails per 1 phone call

Once a week in the first month of expressing interest

Once every two weeks in the second through fourth months

Once a month for the remaining time.
Time Intensive for Refractive Coordinator

Tools Available for Assistance

Automated email follow-up system

CRM that gives daily list of follow up calls to do
CRM's are extremely beneficial

Schedule and track follow up calls

Send follow up emails
"An object that is at rest will stay at rest unless a force acts upon it."

Newton’s theory applies to LASIK prospects as well.
Forces Within Your Practice
The prospect doesn't realize what would be different after having their procedure...
Most patients will not sell themselves on your practice.

It is up to you to put that force on the object at rest, and facilitate that momentum.
In Summary....
Evaluate Your Prospect Database
Know the Difference Between Now Buyers and Investigators
Know the Concerns and Objections of the "Investigators"
Educate! Educate! Educate!
Change Your Message
Have Proper Follow Up Procedures
Develop Successful Sales Techniques with Your Staff
Top Of Mind Awareness
Are you reaching out to this group so they think of you when they are ready?
Money may motivate a few people from the database but most of these prospects need education

Education will help them feel comfortable to move forward with their decision
Continually change the message in each contact
Eventually you'll hit the prospect’s objection and address it.
Once you hit that hot button, the prospect will be willing to really discuss the reason they have not taken the next step.
Brandi Musgrave
303-447-9192 x246
Thank you!
Fast Track Marketing
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