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Chapter 6: Interpersonal Communication

No description

Meghan Martinez

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of Chapter 6: Interpersonal Communication

What is interpersonal communication?
Self Disclosure in Relationships
3 Reasons Self Disclosure is Important:
1. Allow us to develop a greater understanding of ourselves
2. Allows us to develop a more positive attitude about ourselves and others
3. Allows us to develop relationships that grow in depth and meaning.
Stages of Interpersonal Relationships
Improving Interpersonal Relationships
Factors Affecting Self-Disclosure
Think About It
Chapter 6: Interpersonal Communication
Interpersonal relationships are the associations between at least 2 people who are interdependent, who use some consistent patterns of interaction and who have interacted for an extended period of time.
Why are interpersonal relationships important?
According to William Schultz, humans have 3 basic interpersonal needs:
1. inclusion - being involved
2. affection - having tender feelings
3. control - influencing our environment or others
Interpersonal Relationships
Complementary relationships - each person supplies something the other person or persons lack (an introvert & extrovert)

Symmetrical relationships - those in which the participants mirror each other or are highly similar.
Conflict is relationships can be expected. In your opinion, what does healthy conflict look like? What does unhealthy conflict look like?
Johari Window
*Developing Relationships
*Maintaining Relationships
*Deteriorating Relationships
Motivations for Initiating Relationships

Maintained relationships invite certain levels of predictability. We are also less concerned with outward traits and more concerned with inward traits.
Motivations for Terminating
-hurtful messages
-deceptive communication
Essential Behaviors
*Using affectionate & supportive communication
*Influencing others
*Developing a unique relationship
*Learning communication skills
*Maintaining Behavioral Flexibility
Do you believe Facebook, texting and Skype increases or decreases the chances for long distance relationships to be successful? Why or why not?
However, this stage does
not look like a plateau.
Relationships are still
changing as dialectics are
Disclosure generally increases as relational intimacy increases.
Disclosure tends to be reciprocated.
Negative disclosure is directly related to relational intimacy; however positive disclosure does not necessarily increase as relational intimacy increases.
Disclosure may be avoided for a number of reasons, including fear of judgement.
Disclosure across cultures is varied.
Relational satisfaction and relational intimacy are curvilinearly related.
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