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Anastasia: Fact vs. Fiction

No description

Ellie Mattoon

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of Anastasia: Fact vs. Fiction

Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova : Fact vs. Fiction
Most everyone has seen the movie Anastasia. But most don't realize that some of it is not historically accurate. We are going to discern fantasy and reality.
Movie Claim #1
Anastasia's family was killed in one siege by some angry people.
Anastasia's family was killed by the Bolsheviks shortly after the October revolution.
Revolution?! Why?!
Sadly, the Romanovs were kinda jerks, and the people were fed up.
Tsar Nicholas had a huge head. He thought God had appointed him and never paid attention to the Duma.
Bloody Sunday
Almost 80% of Russia's population was poor.
World War 1
The February (or March) revolution
Although the people had basic rights, they were still poor. Communism started gaining popularity as a way to not be poor.
The October Revolution
It started with a bunch of riots on the street, then spiraled out of control! Nicholas was forced to step down and he and his family were held captive (including Anastasia) in Ipatiev.
That really didn't help at all!
The Bolsheviks (led by Vladimir Lenin) took over in October 1917 and started making Russia communist. In 1918, they decided to shoot the Romanov family so as to stop any rebellion to free them.
A side note....
Grigory Rasputin was actually a priest who performed "miracle" treatments for Anastasia's hemophiliac brother in exchange for say in government policy.
Anastasia was 8 when this happened.
Anastasia was 17 at the time of her family's execution.
Anastasia and her family (if not jerks) were AWESOME!
The Romanov's consisted of 7 people.
Tsar Nicholas the 2nd
Alexandra his wife
The Children:
Sadly (but interestingly)...
Aleksey suffered from hemophilia. He was very isolated throughout his life
The Romanov children were required to take 4 languages, and the girls learned needlework. They were not allowed to sleep with pillows, so they could be "disciplined." Cold baths also were common. Often they took luxurious vacations on their private yachts and other royal amenities.
Anastasia's awesome, no argument
Known for:
Nicknamed "imp"
Very witty
Was a prankster
Once bribed a teacher
Loved the arts.
Loved Animals
#4. Anastasia survived the attack and is living with her Grandmama is Paris!
(sob) Myth
Despite claims by Anna Anderson and others, Anastasia died with the rest of her family in 1918. This was confirmed in 2007.
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Quiz Time!
1. What's the difference between the February and October revolution?
2. Name the members of the Romanov family.
3. Name one thing awesome about Anastasia.
4. Did Anastasia survive?
5. Who claimed to be Anastasia for most of her life?
Any Questions?
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Wiki Images
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