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Autism Presentation

By Ayman, Jared, Hassan and Kishore

Amazing Awesome

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Autism Presentation

By: Ayman, Jared, Kishore, Hassan Autism What is Autism? Mental disorder that the victim has since they are born
Some identification: impaired communication, excessive rigidity and emotional detachment.
Autism is a disease that varies its disabilities, and has ranges of how it will affect people.
Autism is a spectrum disease to summarize
Autism affects the physical and mental state of the person.
Symptoms in Children Autism in children are usually noticed by parents in the first 3 years of the children.
Its really hard to detect any symptoms of autism in children.
3 types of Symptoms, difficulty with social interactions, difficulties with communication, strange behaviours, interest, and activities
Some people become attached to a certain object Types of Autism There are three types of Autism:
1. Classic autism
It is generally classified as people who have problems with social interactions and communication and includes some restrictive or repetitive behaviors. 2. Asperger syndrome
It is basically the same as classic autism but causes a neurobiological disorder (intensive effect to the brain). 3. Pervasive developmental disorder
Persuasive disorder is an another type of autism that causes delays in developing basic skills like communicating. Causes of Autism -Cause is unknown, genetic and environmental factors are suspected factors
-A reason why there is no know cause is because there are different variations of the disease (eg. classic autism and aspergers)
-If one child is autistic, there is a 5% chance that the next child will be autistic as well.
-Some scientist think that some chemical gases have a link to causing autism Symptoms in Teenagers Symptoms in teenagers: When they turn into teenagers their behaviour changes.
They gain the skills to understand and communicate with others but their behaviour is still not the same as a normal person.
-Depression is a symptom of autism When they turn into an adult they gain the capability to do everything independently.
The degree to which an adult with autism can lead an independent life is related to intelligence and ability to communicate.
Depression is a symptom of autism Symptoms in Adults There are no cures to autism but recently there have been discoveries of treatments. There have been cases where autism has been treated by parents by just caring for the person.

Today, 1 in every 110 children (1 in every 70 boy) worldwide is diagnosed with autism, which makes the disability more prevalent than diabetes, pediatric cancer, and AIDS combined. Autism Statistics: Cure to Autism Table of Contents What is Autism?
Types of Autism
- in children
- in teenagers
- in adults
Cure and Statistics
Facts Facts 1 in 54 boys born are autistic and 1 in 88 children are autistic
Boys are 5x more likely to be autistic then girls
Autism costs families and average of $60,000 a year
Autism gets less than 5% of funding, compared to the other childhood diseases. Conclusion Autism is affecting many people. We know there is nothing to prevent it but each one you can make a difference buy funding for research and non-profit organization Thank you for watching our presentation Bibliography








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