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Immigration in Spain

By Hinako Osumi

Hinako Osumi

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Immigration in Spain

Immigration in Spain by Hinako Osumi Immigrants support economic boom Spain should peacefully coexist with immigrants main ideas - geography
- current immigration policy
- problems caused by immigration
- benefits by immigration
- counterarguements and refutations Geography Physical Geography Economical Geography - unemployment rate; S:(10.4%),M:(12.1%)
- GDP; S:($23,300),M:($4,200)
- Labour force; S:(19.33) M:(11.03) Why are immigrants going to Spain? Human Geography - population growth rate; S:(1.52%),M:(1.57%)
- Life expectancy rate; S:(79.52y),M:(70.66y)
- literacy rate; S:(97.9%),M:(51.7%) Historical Geography - Spain's colony Current Immigration Policy in Spain The Legalization of Immigrants - agree
- free medical treatment
- taxes Strict Measures on The Border - disagree
- killing immigrants
- saving immigrants Paying Unemployment Insurance - disagree
- anger of local spaniards
- immigrants' opinion Reducing Asylum Seekers - disagree
- reason
- negative affects Problems Riots - death
- isolation Troublesome Immigrants - saving immigrants Wasting money - legalizations
-unemployment insurance Benefits by Immigration Economic development - industly
- the consutruction boom The Shortage of Labourers - cheap labours
- economic boom Counterarguments and Refutations Perfect platform for immigration to Europe - life saving center
- schools for immigrants Make public facilities - resque center for immigrants Save illegals = increase of crime? risk of an overpopulation - accept many asylum seekers no reason comit a crime spread immigrants for example: New Laws - accept asylum seekers
- easy to spread immigrants
- open contacts between countries for example: Conclusion - position statement
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