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English presentation: The Maori

No description

Arjan Faber

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of English presentation: The Maori

Here, the illusion of speed is created by placing marks with various spacing along the Path between two frames. THE MAORI Made by:
Geert &
Arjan ''Let's explore The Maori!'' Who are they? - The original people from New Zealand - Originally came from Hawaiki The journey to New Zealand Kupe is the first explorer who reached New Zealand! Waka The Maori legend Kupe: The Maori had to make major changes ! Settling in
New Zealand: Using their hunting skills to survive ! own Traditions Changing their lives THE MOA PANAKA (STOREHOUSE) Raising hostility Exploring further afield Cultivating Increase of people hostility maintain territory THE MAORI traditions MAORI TRADITIONS: The European discovery Abel Tasman: - 13 December 1642 - The first European who sighted New Zealand! James Cook - 6 October 1769 - The first European encounter with the Maori The result of the European discovery Treaty of Waitangi - Colonisation with Great Britain (1840). - Misunderstanding The New Zealand war The New Zealand war VS 5000 20000 RELIGION - Myths

- Christian - there are still Maoris that live like their ancestors! Language -Maori alphabet: A, E, I, K, M, N, O, P, R, T, U, W, NG, WH. Their Language is called: Maoritanga The Maori Dance - It's called Haka - Funerals
- Welcoming tourists
- Welcome dinner
- American football The famous Maori Tattoo it's called Moko's - An important line in life - Saving yourself for the underworld. Hawaiki - Who are they? - The journey to New Zealand - Settling trail in New Zealand - European Discovery - The Maori nowadays - The result of the European discovery
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