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Meditate Life

World Religions D period Project

Rebecca Cole

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Meditate Life

Step 1: Evolution
Started early in 500 BC with the Buddha and his mantra's
As it moved to the western civilizations it grew dramatically
Took off in the 20th Century
As a way of escape from the social imbalances of life
Step 2: Fundamentals
Step 3: Public
Step 4: Everyone
Commonly practiced unknowingly
Often compared to Zen Buddhism and Dhyana Marga
Seen as a part of Salat - which is formal prayer in the Islamic faith
All forms of yoga are built off of MediMarga

Meditated throughout his life
At the tree he exemplified many of the characteristics of a successful mediation
Not seen as a God of MedMarga
Is seen as a godly human
Used tantra's as a way to aid in his meditation
Typically associated with the Buddha
Prayed to God
Always seen with a calm demeanor
Meditated throughout his journey to God
Lose yourself in love
Used stories to teach others
Used meditation as a way to worship God
Received many revelations during his meditations
Was often reciting text given to him by God
20th Century
Scientific research began in the 1930's
In the 1960's and 1970's scientists found many benefits from meditating
Alan Watts in 1960 developed "The Silent Mind" which introduced people to the philosophy and practice of Meditation
Alan Watts created a increase in followers of MediMarga
Then came...
Who influenced...
And as culture's changed and evolved, the 20th century came...
To involve in presentation:
Scripture - any song of praise, story (Bible/TNK)
Who is God?
Religious Leaders (Evolve on it more)
Although meditation can be performed at any place, it would be especially beneficial for a person to practice meditation during a moment of solitude, eliminating physical distractions.
Although meditation can be performed at anytime, it should especially be practiced when an individual is having a moment of aggression, impulsiveness, and anxiety.
Meditation will allow individuals to gain a sense of their life goals. They will obtain a stronger sense of mind, body, and spirit.
A peaceful mind, body, and spirit will find wisdom much quicker than anger and frustration.
Your Life is Good
Sun Giants-Fleet Foxes
“What a life I lead in the summer
What a life I lead in the spring
What a life I lead in the winded breeze
What a life I lead in the spring
What a life I lead when the sun breaks free
As a giant torn from the clouds
What a life indeed when that ancient seed
Is a berry watered and plowed
What a life What a life What a life What a life
What a life I lead in the summer
What a life I lead in the spring
What a life I lead in the winded breeze
What a life I lead in the spring”

All of your flaws and all of my flaws,
When they have been exhumed
We'll see that we need them to be who we are
Without them we'd be doomed”

On My Way-Phil Collins
“Tell everybody I'm on my way
And I just can't wait to be there
With blue skies ahead yes I'm on my way
And nothing but good times to share”

Fort Minor-Eminem
“This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name”

Sweet Disposition-The Temper Trap
“A moment of love
A dream
A laugh
A kiss
A cry
Our rights
Our wrongs
A moment of love
A dream
A laugh
A moment of love
A dream
A laugh”

Proper Meditation
Pablo Picasso is rumored to be MediMarga because of his ability to see the world in different shapes and colors unlike most people.
Jacqueline with Flowers
After these are completed, you move up levels. It is rumored that once you are at the highest level of this religions meditation, one can see colors that he or she has never seen before and can have abilities such as seeing music and feeling the moods of people.
By Erika the Mahster, Becky the Grasshoper, Ronnie the Sensei
Meditation is another way of communicating with God because in meditating an individual is clearing away the mind, so it gives the individual to oneself.
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