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Year3 Academy

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Islam

By Brandon and Orlando Islam
Contence page
1. Introduction
2.The Qu'ran
3. Mecca
4. Allah
5. Ramadan
6. Muhammad
7. Mosque
8. Five Pillars of Islam
9. EId

This prezi is all about Islam!!YES FUN
2.The Qu'ran
The Qu'ran is the holy book
for Muslims.
The Qu'ran is the central
religious text of Islam.
Muslims treat the Qu'ran with great respect because they believe that the Qu'ran is Allah.
The language the Qu'ran was written in was Arabic.
The most holy place in Islam is the kaba.
The prophet Ismail found Mecca.
Mecca is a place in Saudi Arabic.
The first celebration is of Islam
was on the 7 century.
He had a wife and the wife died in 619(AD).
His parents died early.
Muuhammad has 2 children.
Muhammad gave love to animals.
He was born in Macca.
Muhammad works as a camed driver
between syria and Arabic.
The fife pillars in Islam
The fife pillars in Islam is
The world Allah is the perfect god.
There are 99 names of Allah.
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