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Conflict in Literature

No description

Emily Braem

on 18 September 2018

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Transcript of Conflict in Literature

Man (character) vs. Self:

a conflict that occurs completely within the mind of the character.

For example:
a character
who struggles to
overcome a fear,
to make a difficult
decision, or trying to understand something
Internal Conflict
External Conflict
Conflict that occurs with something or someone outside the character.

*There are several types of external conflict.

vs. Man
1. one character struggles against another character
2.physical struggle (fight or argument)
3. A mental struggle between 2 people (competition for a job)
Example: "Tangled"
Watch this popular example of man(princess) vs. self. Think about what she is struggling with.
: a struggle between
opposing forces

Conflict in Literature
Example: The Lion King
1. Man Vs. Nature

When the character struggles with
force of nature
For example: crossing a desert with no water, a hurricane, an overflowing river, sharks.
Example: Twister
3. Character Vs. Society (group)
A character struggles
against the society or a group
he lives in because he's...
rying to change a law he believes to be wrong
being rejected for some reason (poverty, race, religion)
trying to overthrow an unfair government.
Example: Selma
(Based on Martin Luther King)
4. Character Vs. Supernatural
The character struggles against
some supernatural element: ghosts,
dreams, magical characters, etc.
Example: Percy Jackson (minotaur)

Character Vs. Fate
The character struggles against his destiny. The character breaks away from a predetermined path.
For example, his family have always been lawyers but he wants to be an artist, or she is from a poor neighborhood and wants to go to college.
Example: Final Destination 2
5. Character Vs. Technology
The character struggles against some kind of technology
: r
obots, machines, tools, or computers.

Example: Terminator 3
How good are you are recognizing conflict?
check for understanding
On a half sheet of paper, number 1-5
As you watch the following videos, identify the
type of conflict in each

you're options are:
man vs. himself
man vs. society
man vs. man man vs. technology
man vs. nature man vs. supernatural

#1 internal or external?
man vs. _________
#2 internal or external?
*careful! list 2 types of conflict
man vs. ____ & man vs. _________
#3 internal or external?
man vs. _________
#4 internal or external?
man vs. _________
#5 internal or external?
man vs. _________

Watch the video and THINK about why the conflicts are listed as Man vs. ____
what are they in conflict with?
what are they thinking?

Take Cornell style notes on the following presentation about types of conflict that are found in literature (stories, movies, etc.)
Cornell style notes.
RED slide title =


because it's a main idea
bold text
details, definitions, notes, bullet points, drawings,
you may always add extra if you would like. The goal is to aid YOUR comprehension

**STOP when you see the STOP slide.
Please stop taking notes!
Be prepared to feel comfortable with this information for next class.
I challenge you to watch TV at home and test yourself with what conflict the main character is facing :)
If you continued to this slide, you have gone to far.

You've completed your homework and can relax now

Watch this BONUS video to review!!
man vs. nature
man vs. man &
man vs. supernatural
man vs. self
man vs. society (Group)
man vs. self
Your Task:
Full transcript