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Toyota Distribution Channel

No description

Antoine Smagghe

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Toyota Distribution Channel

Background information
Distribution Channels
European Distribution Strategy
Sales channel in Japan
Comparison Europe & Japan
SWOT European Distribution
Recommendations and Conclusion
Company description
"Just in Time" Strategy
Kaisen philosophy
channel strategy
just in time
co-operation with its dealers
Asian leader on the market
sales development
car Retails
car models
accessories & finitions
Headquarter: Aichi, Japan
Employees: 330,000
52 manufacturing companies
(27 countries)
Strategy and mission: "JIT"
7.3M cars sold in 2012
Expectation of 10M cars for 2013
Gross profit in 2012: $17 Billion

Tsunami 2011
6 months for recovery
Supplier mapping
build a supporting production facility
find young market : Balkan countries
strengthening distribution in this region
develop technological strategy
invest on scientist project : universities
continue differentiation strategy
Why invest in KOSOVO ?
recommend one country
newest Balkan country : EU center
low cost investment
political stability
Positive financial analysis : FDI
60 % population : young
mini-cars opportunities



Storage space
Less working capital (Stock)
Avoid increase of unsold finished product
Little margin for mistake
Snowball effect
Unexpected offers
"Pull" system of production
Reducing Costs

Second tier
First tier
Final customer
Product channel in Japan
Service channel in Japan
Sales & after-sales services
Service centers
Global team
Toyota Japan
well-established brand
high quality improvement
RH - transfer of knowledge
large capital reserves
competitive advantage : technology
environmental friendly
mini-car segment in Europe
aggressive European rivals
commitment 100'000 cars / year
Generation X
rivals' decline
increase market share
financial crises : + customers
Aygo & Yaris success to expend
• saturated market with ever serious concurrency.
• strict laws in this area.
• volatility of oil prices.
• European markets : aging population.
• Hyundai rise on market share.
Spread production
Bigger orders
Improved data
Service Channel
• A technical R&D center in Belgium
• A European showroom located on the Champs-Elysees
• 14 parts logistics centers and 9 vehicle logistics centers across Europe • 93,400 direct jobs in Europe including the dealer network
• More than 8 billion invested in Europe since 1990
Product Channel
- CO2

- UK

Environmental Climate Plan
Sales Channel
- High Quality

- Effinciency

- Investments

Active in 30 countries
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