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Charles Darwin and Louis Pasteur

My Prezi on Louis Pasteur and Charles Darwin

Daniel Ide

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Charles Darwin and Louis Pasteur

Charles Darwin And Louis Pasteur
Natural Selection and Evolution?
Darwin is known for the theories of natural selection and evolution but THEY ARE NOT THE
SAME and natural selection DOES NOT prove evolution, as we all know from our amazing biology lessons. All the evolutionists say.....
Charles Darwin was born on the 12th February in Shrewsbury, England.
He went to Samuel Butler’s school in Shrewsbury from the age of 9 till he was 16.
He went to Edinburgh University at the age of 24 with his brother Erasmus.
Before he went he helped his Dad in his surgery which he found traumatising. He found the university work he was doing boring.
His father realised Charles was neglecting his studies after his second year and sent him to Christ’s College Cambridge.
He was mentored by John Henslow and left college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1831.

Early Life

Natural selection proves evolution and they are the same thing.. woof! Wait a second that doesn't make
any sense... whatever... woof.
That doesn't make any sense! Natural selection and evolution are NOT the same. You are EQUIVOCATING.
Natural selection is when a species changes in favour of its environment. Evolution is monkey to man (or Goldfish to Great Dane hehehe).
But the creationists say.....
The Voyage of the Beagle
Darwin's life wasn't as boring as you think. On the 27th of December 1831 Charles Darwin left on the HMS Beagle to travel the world. It was a scientific expedition NOT a holiday. He went to South America, Australia and Africa as well as lots of small islands between. When he was on the Galapagos Islands he saw how the birds,that were the same species, were slightly different on each island. Using this he formed the theory of natural selection but with this discovery came EVOLUTION (cue dramatic music).
Louis Pasteur was born on December 27th, 1822, 13 years after Darwin was born. He was born in Dole which is a village in France. At school he showed no great talent in any subject other than art. When he was 15 he went to Paris to carry on with his schooling but became homesick and went to a closer to home school. When he was 20 he completed a Bachelor of Art degree and 2 years later he got a Bachelor of Science degree. He also got a doctoral at École Normale Supérieure, one of the best schools. As you can see Pasteur went from showing no great talent to getting a doctoral at a top school.
Early Life
The Experiment
Wikipedia Charles Darwin, 2013
Royal Greenwich Museum, 2013
Wikipedia Louis Pasteur,2013
In 1862 Pasteur did an experiment that would prove life came from life (Omne vivum ex vivo).
The End..... or is it? Yes it is.
Thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it
Any questions
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