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No description

Emanuela Hopkins

on 27 November 2015

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Transcript of HOPKINS HERALD

Hot dogs are delicious !!!
Never underestimate frogs
What would you do?
Get some awesome sauce
Hot Dogs
Devonport primary speech competion
Frogs are fasinating creatures who are born in frog spawn and then they change into tadpoles and then they slowly evolve into frogs. A very exciting life time. Don't you think? There are many different types of frog all of which are inphibians they live in continents all over the world from the amazon rainforest to a pond in a reserve frogs are amazing never underestimate frogs.
By Ari = reporter 2
Saturday 7 August 2015
Vol IX, No. AEA
to everyone
Bunnies are adorable little creatures nearly everyone loves them except if you are allergic to them that wouldn't stop me little kids are nervous at first but as they warm up them they grow to love them. Most people say that dogs are a mans best friend but I believe that bunnies are with different attitudes fur coats and colour you can find one just for you!
reporter 1: Emanuela Hopkins
reporter 2: Ariel Hopkins
reporter 3: Aksel Hpokins
publisher: Emanuela Hopkins
By ari
Some day in august 8 childeren will compete for the speech cup only one child will get through to compete in the peninsula state finals there will be a runner up but until then all we can do is wait.
By Aksee = reporter 3
I love you
and i bet that you love me to as soon as you saw my brothers and sisters you probably decided that one that ones handsome!!!
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