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A better World

The Journey of a group of people decided to make the difference

Daniel Ortiz

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of A better World

A better World
Helping the more needed

Can you explain what is a Sound to some one that can not hear?
Can you teach Math to some one that never talk?
Can you be a Lawyer if you are Blind?
Mexico, Tijuana, Baja California
Classroom "Rincon Gallardo"
High School CETis 156

Because we want to set an example of hope:
Industry,Government, Community, Parents
all working together.

So many young people are not studying
They can be exceptional and productive members of our society.
Tijuana, Mexico.

"A City full of changes, bright colors, a huge diversity of Cultures".

* With almost 4.0 Million people in all Baja California and presenting a big increase on population this zone of the Country is rapidly transforming into a keystone for the development of Mexico.
1910: Less than 100K people
2010: Almost 4.o Million
So Population keeps growing and all other needs obviously too.
In case of the
Special Education
Sector the Teachers are not enough
There is only available 346 teachers in Tijuana. And from those only a
is working for High School Level.
Last census in Tijuana regarding Special Education needs for High School Level gave that there is around 5,000 youngers, 5,000 young people sitting, waiting, hoping...a future, an active life and productive.
NOTE: Census From INEG 2010
Right to Education:
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_to_education
So the challenges are there:
- 5,000+ young people with special needs waiting for High school education.
- A minority of Teachers assigned to this group.
- Allocation of Resources, classrooms, systems, technology, etc.

What we need to do?

Create Participation of all: Government, Schools Chiefs, Community, Private Industry.

Create Synergy!

No more hoping, what we need are ACTIONS!!
Every body has the universal right to receive education.
Let us transform to be an example, a worldwide breakthrough capable to show that the Nations are made by the people. IN WHICH WE LOOK FOR A BALANCED AND COMPLETED ENHANCEMENT OF ALL THE ASPECTS IN OUR LIFE.
Where also our risk sectors of our society can thrive and have a hope, and never being considered a marginalized group.
Tijuana is becoming one of the main powers players in the Country with its almost 1.6Million people just alone.
As population increases more Schools are necessary

And of course the Government is working to set up new policies and regulations to make Improve-School-Performance our key set of words.
Now, how many resources are destined to Special Education?
In 2010 data showed that close to 122K persons in all Baja have some kind of disability.
More in women than men
And that is almost equally distributed as in the Whole Country
Attention deficit
Personal Care
And the key for success in the future is Education to all, achieve a balanced Society.
Total of schools for basic and high school level
Mobility is the highest disability!
So, what are we going to do?, how to support these young people to get the education they deserve?
Let us get together, Industry, Government, Educational Sector, Community and make the change.
Let us get latest technologies and best practices in place to help these kids, to make them achieve their Dream.
And finally, let us not forget that our success is not and will never be dependent of external decisions, is based on our internal will to achieve and do what we know is right.
Actual Capacity: 100 students
Use of sustainable technologies
Non Profit Organizations
Public and Community
Private Industry (more are needed!!)
Take the program to all Mexico and the World!!
So our objective has just started, we want more young people studying and become a productive citizen. And yet this target just cover 400 students, still outside +4,600!!!
Learn, Apply, Share, Participate

More to come...
Based on the population growth rate the number of schools should had doubled in less than 10 years
So, how many resources are available for them?
A balanced society requires all of its members to have the same benefits without exclusions.
In 10 years only 108 teachers were added into Special Education
It is not only Government's responsibility, it is ours too!, all Society in general. So let us make some commitments...
Our main goal is increase the numbers of students in the Special Education Program.
In the CETis 156 are only attending a maximum of 100 students with only 5 teachers.
This means that more than 4,900 youngsters are in their homes when they can be in the school.
As a pilot program our intention is to achieve close to 400 students to attend in the special classroom "Rincon Gallardo".
Then "copy-paste" the project to create more schools in Tijuana for special education.
Oh, and I forgot to mention, we had our 1st graduated from the special classroom. He is Blind, and he will continue his Studies in the University to become A LAWYER!!!
Carlos Palomino
If you have a dream you can make it reality!!
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