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Alexis Filippo

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of MARK CUBAN

Mark Cuban
Billionaire entrepreneur, investor, tech mogul
Estimated net worth: $3 billion
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Earned his degree in Business Administration from Indiana University Bloomington - 1981
Currently lives in Dallas, Texas
Married to Tiffany Cuban
They have three children, Alexis, Alyssa & Jake
Most well known for being the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and for being on the panel of investors on "Shark Tank"

The Personality
January 4th, 2000 - became Dallas Maverick's majority stakeholder for $285 million

Completely transformed the culture of the Maverick's organization by focusing on the players, coaches, staff & fans

Before Cuban, they were winning about 40% of their games, in the 10 years since Cuban they have won 70% of their games

Won NBA Championship 2011
Dallas Mavericks
The Leader
The Maverick Billionaire
The Career - Working for the Man
The Career - Being THE MAN
Started his own companies:

MicroSolutions (1982)
Built from the ground up with a $500 loan
- Sold to Compuserve in 1990 for $6 million, made $2 million

Audionet (1995)
- Started with Todd Wagner because they wanted to watch IU games but lived in Dallas.
- Live internet TV did not exist at the time
- Became Broadcast.com in 1998
Broadcast.com (1998)
- Sold to Yahoo! in 1990 for $5.7 billion

Mellon Bank (1981)
- Send notes to CEO, cut out magazine articles about making businesses better
- Started "The Rookie Club" where younger executives would get advice and learn from older executives
- Started company newsletter with updates on projects
- Instead of praise he was reprimanded for all of his efforts, ending up quitting

Your Business Software (1982)
- First business job after moving to Dallas
- Quickly rose to the top as one of the best salesman
- Got fired for closing a deal instead of opening the store

Leadership traits: Innovative
Driving Change
Transformational Leadership
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