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DMRA_Capital Campaign

Fundraising Goals & Video


on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of DMRA_Capital Campaign

CITY OWNED 1 Million NMTC Large Donors 25 @ 10k
50 @ 5k
100 @ 2.5k
250 @ 1k REACHING OUR GOAL Capital Campaign 4 Million Quiet Campaign 300K City Commitment $6.3 Million Project 1 Million General Campaign OPERATING BOARD 5 Million Fundraising Goal 1 Million General Campaign ____________ 425 Contributors Tax Deductible Donations Paid over 5 Years 501(c)3 non-profit Now for Some Video Visuals COPPER HARBOR, U.P. MICHIGAN -Trails opened in 2009
-Population 18,000 in 60mi Radius
-Saw 25,000 Riders in Summer of 2011
CUYUNA LAKES RECREATION AREA Crosby-Ironton, Minnesota June of 2011- Opened 25miles of Purpose Built Mountain Bike Singletrack.

Saw 25,000 Riders that first Summer! Now for the Snow Season TERRAIN PARKS! Build it and They Will Come! Don't forget to Spread the Word and "Like" us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/DMRA-inc Alpine, Snowboarding, Nordic, Tubing...and WITH YOU, WE CAN MAKE IT!
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