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IB EE Workshop Highlights

For those advising the IB EE, this is a rundown on responsibilities and important things to help students with

Ciara Johnson

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of IB EE Workshop Highlights

What do we need to know? IB Extended Essay Supervisor Provide students with a boat, a sail, and a rudder.

Don't do the work for them-- it is their job to prove they can THINK for THEMSELVES! Topic Selection can seem like a vast ocean of choices Be familiar with the Criteria of Assessment from the IBO
Read the EE Guide Book section for your subject area
Read the EE subject reports on the IBO website
Read other EEs from your subject area that have scored well HOW TO START AS A SUPERVISOR Finding a topic--
Questions to ask: You can't do anything without a great research question and title... Help them get started: find a suitable topic (boat)
Make sure they have enough research material (sail)
Help them understand the assessment criteria (rudder)
Assist them with research methods appropriate to your subject area
Help them manage their time
Give regular and constructive feedback
Communicate with the DP Coordinator
Keep an eye on potential malpractice/plagiarism/cheating Your Role as a Supervisor How not to lose marks for no reason at all: The Topic and the Research Question are the map to success, but don't forget the details... Why did you choose this topic?
What are you hoping to find out?
What resources/material are you planning to use?
Are those resources/materials available?
Why is it worth investigating? Finding a suitable question--
Questions to ask: Is it narrow/focused enough?
Is it appropriate?
Is it ethical?
Is it manageable in 4000 words?
Are you likely to find an answer?
Would there be sufficient resources/facilities to find an answer? Have a research question
Have an introduction-- it should state what you plan to do
Have an abstract that meets the wrod limit
Have page numbers
Have a table of contents that states the correct page numbers
Include correct annotations-- don't annotate and list the wrong page number!
Don't include entries on the "works Cited" page that are not in the text of the EE
Have a conclusion-- a conclusion states the FINDINGS of the paper
Don't go OVER the word limit-- also don't be too short (Everyone should have 3,800 words!)
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