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Cell Division

No description

Troy Payne

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Cell Division

Cell Division
1. Same as the DNA extraction lab.
2.To extract the RNA you need to place the DNA in a filter. The DNA will fall through and the RNA will remain in the filter.
Is it possible to see the double-helix in the DNA extracted from the wheat germ cells?
Yes, it's possible because the alcohol separates the DNA from other cell components. It becomes the only thing left in the alcohol solution. The reason why the DNA is visible is because it's less dense than water, making it not settle at the bottom of the glass. Instead it floats up to the top having a stringy look.
The extracted DNA is only ready to reuse in certain applications that only require a non purified extraction.
Think in another solution that could precipitate DNA from the water in step 8 of the extraction.
We believe that we could use oil to extract the DNA due to the fact that oil is less dense than the water so the DNA that is extracted can float to the top.
By: Troy Payne, Melissa Avila, Vanessa Lopez, Celina Chaffino, Samantha Menapace, Maggie Martinez
A biotechnology company asks you to extract RNA instead of DNA from wheat germs. Provide steps.
Is the DNA extracted from wheat germ cells ready to use in further applications?
Discuss the relevance of cell division in current areas of biology such as stem cell and cancer research and cell cloning for organ replacements therapies.
The relevance of cell division to these kind of research is that due to the fact that we can extract the DNA we have a perfect match to a certain patient. Stem cells allows us to create any damaged tissue in the body, and for cancer we can find more ways on how the cancer is turned on and forms. With the cloning we can use the DNA to clone perfect organs to be donated to the patient.
We learned that we can extract DNA from less dense solutions.
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