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The Resource-Based View and Information Systems Research: Review, Extension, and Suggestions for Future Research

Nadia Duinker

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of E-business

The Resource-Based View and Information Systems Research: Review, Extensions, And Suggestions for Future Research

Nadia Duinker en Bente Feldberg

Brief overview article
Important Concepts
Outside-in, Inside-out and Spanning resources
Ex-ante vs Ex-poste
Resource Complementarity
Moderating Factors

Overview RBV stems from managerial research
Applicability for IS research?
Inconsistent findings in extant literature
Difference between IT and IS
Consider complementarity and moderators Important Concepts Resource?
Resource-Based View?
Difference IT and IS?
Questions Complementarity IS Resource form part of a complex bundle of assets and capabilities
Rarely a direct effect on performance
Compensating, enhancing, suppressing effect
No consistent findings yet on IS influence on performance Potential Moderators Organizational Factors
Top management commitment to IS
Organizational structure
Corporate Culture
Firm size, location and industry Environmental Factors
Environmental turbulence
Complexity 1) Why do outside-in and spanning resources
have a potentially higher value than inside-out resources?

2) In a stable business environment, do you expect the
relationship to be stronger between performance and inside-out
resources or performance and outside-in resources? Why?
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