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European Exploration 1400-1700

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Abby Sharkey

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of European Exploration 1400-1700

1400 By:Abby Sharkey 1492 : Christopher Columbus landed in what today is North America but thought he landed in India and called the natives Indians

STARTED COLOMBIAN EXCHANGE 1522 : Magellan circumnavigated the world 1534 : Pizarro and his men conquered the Inca w/ Guns, Germs, and Steel 1517 : Martin Luther nails 95 things he disagrees with to the door of a church in Wittenburg, Germany 1588 : The English defeat the Spanish Armada, which greatly weakens Spain allowing other European countries to claim land in New America 1564 : France built its first North American settlement in Florida,where the first protestants started a few colonies 1600 1608 Samuel de Champlain was sent to find the Northwest Passage but instead found the Saint Lawrence River and named this colony Quebec. This gave France the claim to Canada. 1640s This was in the middle of The African Diaspora (spreading african slaves) to South America. African slaves were better than the native people because they were already immune to European Diseases. Amerigo Vespucci lead a Spanish fleet to what is now South America and unlike Columbus who had thought he found a new route to Asia, Vespucci was convinced that he had found a "new world". FYI: America comes from Vespucci's first name Amerigo. *1502* 1650s The encomienda system was established to reward settlers for their service to the crown. it gave Spanish people the right to tax natives or to make them work, and the Spanish had to protect natives and convert them to Christianity. Instead most natives where treated like slaves and where forced to work on plantations. Plantations where operated by the Spanish and the Native Americans were forced to work in horrible conditions and died from either overwork or disease the Spanish brought w/ them from Europe because they were not immune to Spanish Disease. Protestant Reformation Begins 2: 1584: Sir Walter Raleigh received a charter from the Queen of England giving him permission to start start a colony in the " new world".His expedition landed in what today is Virginia and North Carolina and named the whole are Virginia for the "Virgin Queen". 1688 The French only had a population of about 12,000 French settlers in New France but the small population and the value of fur trade allowed France to ally with other countries/ colonies like the Dutch, Spanish, and English. Dutch also started exploring new world and established New Amsterdam or New York City today which was bought of a Indian for $24 by Peter Minuit. The THE END EUROPEAN EXPLORATION Quebec, New France 1700-ish encomienda system (shown above) New Amsterdam or New York City (today)
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