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Ancient Egyptian Jobs

No description

Austin Hawkins

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Egyptian Jobs

Would you like to learn about
Ancient Egyptian Jobs?

Men of Ancient Egypt held theses types of jobs:
Bakers, scribes, priests, noblemen, soldiers, farmers, and merchants.
Scribes were very important in government, recording legal & business documents.
Farmers were often rich peasants.
Merchants were important to Ancient Egypt's wealth.
What were women's jobs in Ancient Egypt?
Women worked in the home (light skin of women mummies was evidence of not being outside much).
Skilled and educated women were sometimes administrators or supervisors.
Many women were weavers, musicians, or domestic helpers.
Were they paid? How? With money or goods?
Harems (women) were sometimes paid with food rations or needed supplies.
Ancient Egyptians traded and exchanged items they made for things they needed. This was very important for the economy of ancient Egypt.
Craftsman usually worked for the rich.
What were some of the most important jobs in ancient Egypt?
What tools were used
in different jobs?
winnowing scoops
flint tools
bronze chisels
Did the Egyptians get trained on jobs?
Scribe school was very
Usually, you learned the same job as your father and were trained by him.
By Austin Hawkins
What types of jobs did ancient Egyptians have?
How were they paid?
What tools were used in different jobs?
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