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Career shadowing

No description

Spencer Chancey

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Career shadowing

Career shadowing
By: Spencer Chancey Location Questions I asked What is the purpose of the company? To prosicute and defend suspects Where will this company be in 15 years? It will still be in Bartow
doing the same thing. What employability skills are needed
to work for this company? Have to grauate from college,
3 year law degree, then you have
to pass the Florida bar. What is the average sallary of the job It varies Technoligy used in this job Everything from computers, DNA,
Finger prints and FDLD Skills need for this job Have to be outgoing,
good public speaker,
good researcher and writting
skills, knowing the law. Questions to ask myself :) Would I persue a career
with this company? More than likely no.
I am not that great of a public
speaker and I think it could be boring
just talking o a judge all day. :( What did I like best about
this job? To see the jailmates
get sentenced and thei punishments.
Also watching the people arrguing What did idislike? Just there was case after case.
You only got like a 2 min. break Pictures
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