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Ronald Reagan

No description

Benjamin Soltis

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Ronald Reagan

California Gov. & Barry Goldwater Hollywood
"A Time for Choosing"
Protest Movements
1976 Presidential Campaign The Basics Our National Debate is one reminiscent of Ronald Reagan
He introduced-
Small Government V. Big Government
Human Rights
Fiscal Responsibility
Low Taxes V. High Taxes
Capitalism V. Socialism Presidency 1981-1989 States Rights
Strong National Defense
Very Old
Assassination Attempt
PATC Strike
Cold War Presidency (Cont.) 1984 Campaign
Space Shuttle Challenger
War on Drugs (Nancy Reagan)
Lybia & Iran-Contra
End of Cold War
Judiciary Post-Presidency Alzheimers
Gun Control Support
Approval Ratings Pres. Ronald Reagan The Common-Sense
Conservatism of
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