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MMS TAMS Conference Prezi 2014

Closing the Achievement Gap, Increasing Parent Involvement, Standards-Based Grading

Jody Easter

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of MMS TAMS Conference Prezi 2014

Monday- (day before the test)*Culminating activity*
'Surprise' performance by the staff- dance routine …“Rock that Assessment”

Grade level performances-Test Day Jams (purchased)

Other notes: Candy for each student with positive messages everyday during advisory

Peppermints, Smarties, Nestle’s Crunch, Blow Pops, Skittles, etc.

Roane County Schools
Midway Middle School
Using Standards Based
Grading to Close the Achievement Gap
Our Presenters:

Midway Middle
School-Ten Mile, TN:
What we did first:
At first, it was difficult to accept why we were identified as a Focus School
Amy Cawood-Math Coach
Jody Easter-
6th grade Inclusion
Language Arts & Math
Our Value Added Data:
Grant Writing Team
Nadine Jackson, MMS Principal
Amy Cawood, Math Coach
Jody Easter, 6th grade Special Education Inclusion
Shannon Hill, 8th grade Special Education Inclusion
Sharon Parks, 8th Grade Language Arts
Charles Elmore, 6th-8th Technology
Katie McKee, 7th-8th Grade Science
Rhonda Swallows, School Counselor
Mike Beard, Parent Liaison
Wanda Coley, Parent
MMS Over-Arching Vision for Change

*Created Student Data Folders
*Purchased Stride Academy/Study Island
*Purchased iPad Learning Labs
*Hired a Parent Liaison
*Developed a Parent Library
*Planned Field Trips for Parents
and Students
*Held Parent/Student Information
*Purchased SimpleK-12 for Teachers and
* Created a Data Room
*Developed Remediation/Critical Thinking
Classes for Before & After School
*Developed a Plan for Standards-Based
*Midway Money
*6th Grade Academy
MMS Extended Learning Time
*Early morning & after school homework help/ remediation classes were offered daily.

*Critical thinking classes were offered as well-Students participated in hands on lessons with teachers such as: making s’mores using energy and heat from the sun, making bar graphs using jelly beans, figuring d=rt using Kool-Aid and water.

Increasing Parent Involvement with Field Trips:
*John Knox Center Ropes Course & Team Building

*Christmas in the City: Ice Skating & Movie

*Knoxville Children’s Theater:
The Giver

*Roane State Community College

*Tennessee College of Applied Technology

Mrs. Phyllis Jackson, MMS Librarian has done an excellent job compiling self-help books for parents to check out.
The parent library also contains educational books for parents.
Parents are encouraged to come in and check out books and also to use our computers and iPads for educational services.

Parent Library:
Parent Fair Activities
February 25, 2014 6:00-8:00 PM:

Our entire community was encouraged
to attend.

Individual student data folders were available for student led conferences with parents.

"Midway Money" distributed for parent and student attendance.

Parents were also served pizza and soft drinks.

Door prizes were given away to parents, students, and vendors at the end of the event.

MMS gymnasium had 45 outreach vendor booths for attendees to browse through.

Parent Fair Vendors
Nadine Jackson-Principal
Dental Care
Explore Test/ACT
Eye Care
Keep Roane Litter Free
Kingston Public Library
Mid-East Community
Head Start
MMS Cafeteria
RC Anti-Drug Coalition
RCS iPad Lab Tech
RC Health Dept
RC Rescue Squad
Roane Imagination Lib
Roane Writers Organization
South RC Vol. Fire Dept
Technology Access Program
TN Electronic Library
United Way

Know Your Data-
Every Student,
Every Teacher!
*Curriculum maps/ collaboration
with colleagues
*Use data from: TCAP Coach assessments, State Practice Exams,
STAR, or other teacher created tests
*Score and identify where each
student is parallel to TCAP standards
lessons should be
lessons (strong and captivating)
*Use student data folders regularly for student led conferences

Monday- camouflage/military attire, songs and chants developed by teachers, Kid President Pep Talk

Tuesday-athletic/sports attire,
inspirational quotes from coaches
displayed throughout building,
Facing the Giants
video clip
Friday- green and white day, pep rally, Minute to Win It contests,
*note- other rival schools test scores & recognize students with Advanced scores

Test Week Jams!
Lessons learned:
*Careful not to stigmatize sub-groups
*Choice of software is crucial
*Alignment of system summative assessment
*Know your data
*Form better relationships with your students & their families
*Students love technology

View our Prezi online at:

Nadine Jackson, Principal Midway Middle School: nsjackson@roaneschools.com

Amy Cawood, Math Coach acawood@roaneschools.com

Jody Easter, Special Education jdeaster@roaneschools.com

Katie McKee, Science

Midway Middle School
Thank you for attending our presentation!

Have a wonderful
Arts Council of Roane County
TN College of Applied Tech
River Ridge
211 Program
Midway Youth League
Coordinated School Health
Epilepsy Foundation
UT Extention
Operation Reach
Roane County Sherrifs Office
Volunteer Electric Co Op
Roane County Government
The Literacy Council
Watts Bar Utility District

Wednesday- college attire, teacher’s story

Thursday- interview/professional/career attire. Education opens doors! Talk about careers.

Katie McKee-7th & 8th
grade Science
MMS is located in Roane County, TN.
The student enrollment is just over 200 students. Our poverty rate is 58%

In 2012, we were labeled as a Focus School.

For all students to reach or exceed
the proficient level for all state
standards in all subject areas.

Our Redesigned MMS Mission Statement-

students to reach or exceed
the proficient level for
standards in
subject areas.
Starting Data:
Then we saw the data
that we needed
to change-
Traditional Grading vs. Standards- Based Grading
Standards-Based Specifics
comparison of TCAP Scores
MMS Parent Stories
Roane County Schools
Grading Scale
A = 93-100
B = 85-92
C = 75-84
D = 70-74
F= 0-69

MMS Standards-Based Grading Scale-

Math, Science, & Social Studies

Advanced 93-100: Color =Dark Green
Proficient 85-92: Color = Light Green
Basic 75-84 Color = Yellow
Below Basic 60-74 Color = Red

Language Arts

Advanced 96-100: Color= Dark Green
Nearing Advanced 93-95: Color=Medium Green
Proficient 85-92: Color=Light Green
Basic 75-84: Color=Yellow
Below Basic 60-74: Color=Red

Students will not earn recorded grades for homework or daily assignments
which are considered practice as they
prepare for the weekly assessments.
This provides the opportunity for the
student to prove he/she has learned
the skill(s) being taught.

Each skill is a separate grade
so students, teachers,
and parents can clearly
see what is learned.

Students receive recorded grades based on how they perform against agreed standards,
TN State Standards (SPI's)
Common Core Standards.

The grade is based on proven understanding of the skill(s) taught.
The grade is not based on behavior, completion or compliance.

Grades should closely match student performance
on the yearly state assessments.
Grades will be identified with the categories
used on the TCAP: Advanced, Proficient,
Basic, and Below Basic.

Students not scoring Proficient or Advanced on any assessment will be required to re-test after additional instruction.

Students who score Proficient or Advanced may choose to retake an assessment to
improve a grade at an individual teacher’s discretion when there
is evidence that the student
has greater
understanding of the skill.

Students will be assessed weekly in each subject
on the skills that have been taught and on
review skills from previous learning.

Standards-Based Grading is a
natural process as the state moves to
Common Core State Standards
and on-line assessments (PARCC).

Assessment Days:

Tuesday = Social Studies
Wednesday = Math
Thursday = Reading/LA
Friday = Science

So.... how did we do this year??
Subject/Grade 2014 AMO Target % Prof/Adv Met/Miss

6-8 RLA 60.3 % 63.4%

6-8 Math 57.7% 58.7%
7 RLA 52.0% 60.3%
7 Math 46.1% 64.4%

2014 TCAP Science Results
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