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Eisenhower Library

No description

Angel Brown

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Eisenhower Library

Eisenhower Elementary Library
Supporting Staff
Supporting and teaching students
1. Create lessons (Common Core, AASL, teachers)

2. Facilitate learning (collaborative planning, critical thinking)

3. Video with parent

-Preschool Teacher/Director for 6 years in MO.
-Began looking for a job in McPherson to be closer to my husband's family.
-Received a call in August and here I am!
Angel's Background
Library Background
Next steps for
Curriculum Map and
Collection Analysis

Work with Angel to determine needs

Community Resources
Book Fair
Little Free Libraries
Public library

Looking Forward to:
Book Fair

Little Free Libraries

Seed Libraries

Library of the Future
Long Term Planning

Checked out
14,145 books

Reshelved over 125 books a day

Manage Volunteers
and Assist Students
Amanda's Background
Kansas Girl who spent
Four Years in Teach For America as a Librarian on the Southside of Chicago.

Also, three years in St. Louis as a Teacher and Librarian.

After starting two libraries from scratch I'm excited to be in a new to me, but established place.

Create Curriculum maps

Collection Analysis

Support Guided Reading
Interview with Louise Kearney
Reading Specialist at Eisenhower

13 Classes a week

Friday Checkout

Find materials for teachers
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