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Civil Rights

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Nathali Andre

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Civil Rights

Civil Rights Era Strategies March On Washington People Organizations Events Martin Luther King Jr. SCLC Civil Rights Act Of 1964 It had started in outside of a tiny little office in Harlem. Many different types of people like the black,white,poor, rich, young & old , had all been in the crowd. It attracted about 250,000 people. On August 28,196, Matin Luther king had delieverred the " I Have A Dream" Speech as the finale of the March . He was the leader of the SCLC and was an activist and a prominment leader in the african american civil rights movement. He had delivered the "I Have A Dream" Speech as the finale at the washington monument for the Washington March. Martin Luther King Jr. had recieved the nobel prize award for what he did and because he put the end for racial segregation & racial discrimination all by using non-violence Sit-Ins The black people couldn't eat at the resturant's counter tops but one day the students decided to
actually sit at the resturant's counter tops and just sat there. The resturant decided not to serve them &
the students were sent to jail for that. The Jim Crow Laws didn't let the blacks do much, Like They were
prohibited to interracial interaction in most of the public lives in the 11 southern states. Civil Disobedience Civil Disobedience was one of the most common ways of non violence ; it was a group of people that didn't agree with something. It was a way that people had went against the laws that were unfair. Freedom Rides Riding intergrated buses down to the segregated south in the U.S. to test out the U.S. Supreme court decision; the Boynton v. Virginia in 1960. Boynton v. Virgina was to outlaw segregation in the resturants & in public places. Before starting this the had decided to do a non- violence resistance. Rosa Parks Rosa Parks was an African American Civil Rights activist. Dec. 1, 1955, Rosa Parks had refused to give up her seat to a white person just because the bus driver had told her to ; A few other women had done that too but some actually did obey. She organized & got all the civil right leaders to get involved ; So she organized the NAACP. Malcolm X Malcolm X was a minister & a national spokesmen for the nation of Islam. He was in the NOI Group but then later resigned his position to muhammed. As a few years passed, Malcolm X was shot 15 times at a very close range & had died. After his death , His wife Betty had given birth to twin girls. The SCLC started because of the montgomery bus boycott. The bus boycott had started in Dec. 5 , 1955 & the sclc was all about non-violence. The organization end at a meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana on Feb. 14, 1957 . KKK The kkk was the klu klux klan. They were white
people who was against anybody who disagreed with them.
The KKK was very violent & harmed a lot of people. Were against
different religions & ethnic groups. They hated the time of change, they liked how
life was. Nation Of Islam It was a religious organization that was founded in Detroit , Mi. Wallace D. Fard Muhammad was the founder of the N.O.I. The goals of this organization was the spiritual, mental, social, and economic views for the african american & women. Black Panthers The black panther organization for the african americans self - defense. They were against the racism. Black Panthers had their own newspaper. They even were against the violence, instead they believed in non-violence. The act of 1964 helped with the voting requirements. It also helped with
racial segregation of the schools. It had gone against the Jim Crow Laws in the
southern states. The act made all of the people to get the equal rights tht the deserved. Little Rock Nine There was nine african american students who had registered at the little rock central nine in 1957. The govenor Eisenhower had tried to prevent the students from entering the segrated school. When school had started , the students had been treated horribly by the white students and there was a mob of whites outside the school throwing stuff or yelling in their faces. Brown V. Board Of Education The supreme court mad a decision to have seperated schools for the blacks & whites. Then the decision had been given to the plessy vs. Fergusson in 1896 . The warden's court had made the decision tht it was unequal . It was a violation of the Equal Protection Clause. Birmingham Campaign It was organized by the SCLC. It was suppose to catch people's attention about the unequal rights of the african americans. Martin Luther King was the leader of the organization . It was a non-violent action .
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