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Peter Pan and The Lost Boys

No description

Taylor matthews

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of Peter Pan and The Lost Boys

Peter Pan and The Lost Boys
The Lost Boys
Parallel Themes
-Staying Young forever

-Surrogate Mothers

-Parental neglect
Peter Pan
''Second star to the right, and straight on till morning'' - Peter Pan
Captain Hook is the main villain in "Peter pan". He is Peter pans sworn enemy. Ever since Peter cut off his hand Hook has sworn to kill Peter Pan. However, at one point in the novel Hook captures the lost boys and Wendy and offers to make them part of his crew. Both Hook and Max have parallel character traits illustrated by their manipulative actions.
Max is introduced as the new boss/boyfriend of Michaels mother. However, later in the movie we secretly find out that Max is the true leader of David and his tribe of vampires. His main goal is to make Michaels family part of his tribe and to make Michaels mother the surrogate mother of the vampire tribe. Again, the similar manipulative, self-centered traits shared with Hook of Peter Pan
Peter Pan
Peter Pan is the leader of the lost boys on the island of Neverland. He is also the sworn enemy of Captain Hook. He is extremely arrogant and selfish but he is a strong leader. He is the one who brings Wendy to never land. The reason for this is because the boys on the island need a mother to look after them and tell them stories
In "
The Lost Boys
" there are 2 people that reflect the Wendy character. One of them is Michael. He is the oldest child, as is Wendy from Peter Pan. Both are unhappy with their life, which allows them to be brought into a new life and away from their own. Both become leaders for their new "tribes". Star also reflects the Wendy character because she is a surrogate mother for the youngest vampire in the tribe
"sleep all day, party all night, never grow old, never die"-
The Lost Boys
Tells the story of Michael and Sam, who with their newly divorced mother, move to Santa Carla, California to live with their grandpa. The town is plagued by bikers and mysterious deaths. Sam, the younger brother,befriends 2 boys who claim to be vampire hunters. Michael, the older brother, is drawn to a group of bikers by a pretty girl, Starr. The mother also meets a new boyfriend. Michael is tricked into drinking blood which he believes to be wine, but is actually the blood of David the gangs leader. He then finds out this turns him into a vampire. Michael then decides to recruit his brother and his vampire hunter friends to help him kill the leader of the vampire pack. Michael discovers this is the only way to return to normal. Michael and his brother kill the vampire pack and David only to find out that Max, their moms new boyfriend, is the real leader. In the final fight scene the boys' grandpa kills Max, saving the whole family.
Parallel Characters
"The Protector"
"The Bad Guy"
"The Good Guy?"
Neverland and The Board Walk
The Tribes
All stories need a setting and in both stories the setting is a fantasy place were "dreams come true". Neverland is filled with the children's fantastical dreams; mermaids, pirates and indians. The boardwalk from The Lost Boys is filled with teenagers wildest dreams ; amusement rides, comic books, hot girls and most importantly 1980s rock music
Dogs are usually symbolic of being a boys best friend, however, in both of these stories the dog also plays the role of a surrogate mother/protector. In peter pan the dog is raised to be the children's Nana and tries to protect them from Peter Pan. In the lost boys the dog 'Anok' is Sam's best friend, as his mother isn't around much. Anok is the first one who knows what the vampires are and tries to protect the family
In both Peter Pan and in the Lost Boys, there is a "tribe" of characters that are part of the main characters entourage. In "Peter Pan" they are called the lost boys (Ironically, this where The Lost Boys got its title for the movie). They are children who have run away from there parents to Neverland with Peter Pan. They all admire Peter like a father. The group mentality is very boyish and immature at times like when they refuse to take their "medicine" . In the movie Davids group of vampires are extremely similar. They all look up to David and are also very boyish, ex: chasing Michael on there motorcycles, tricking David to eat maggots. There is also a poster of Jim Morrison in there hangout which is symbolic of being rebellious and boyish or forever young
In Peter Pan Wendy is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Darling. She is a mother figure to John and Michael, her younger brothers. This becomes the reason why Peter Pan takes Wendy away to Neverland to be his mother and the surrogate mother of all the other lost boys on the island. Wendy agrees to come to the island to escape growing up and to stay young forever. Peter also uses the mermaids on the island to enchant her into coming with him.
David reflects the Pan character. He is the leader of the pack of vampires that roam the boardwalk. He like, Peter Pan is also very arrogant. Although in this story he is not the one who leads Michael to the pack. He is the one tricks him into drinking the wine that is actually his blood, forcing Michael to become part of the pack. At first, Michael likes David and thinks he is pretty cool, but as the truth is revealed, that they are vampires and plan on having Michael join them, he does everything possible to escape
Tells the story of Wendy, Micheal, and John as they team up with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys; who are a group of young boys who ran away from home in fear of growing up. Peter seeks out Wendy and brings her back to Neverland in place of a mother for the boys who are too young to take proper care of themselves. The group of them take part in many adventures throughout the island. They soon see the way the island works with the Pirates, Indians, and The Lost Boys following each other around in constant battle. Peter and the Boys live underground in fear of being attacked by Captain Hook, Peter's nemesis, and his group of Pirates. When Peter saves one of the redskin's leaders they owe him and set out to protect his home from the pirates. The boys ask Wendy to tell a story so she begins to tell them of what she remembers from her old life back in London. Telling the story makes her realize how much her parents miss her and her brothers. The three kids, along with all of the Lost Boys to Peter's disapproval decide that going back home is a good idea. As the kids are leaving, the Pirates make their attack on the underground home. All of the children except for Peter are taken back to the pirate ship held captive. Peter decides to put it all on the line in order to save his friends and ends up kicking Captain Hook off the ship into the jaws of the same crocodile which took his hand. Peter then sails Captain Hooks ship back to England to return the children to their home. Peter refuses to return back to a normal life as he never wants to grow up.
Peter later returns to Wendy but only to find she has grown up and has a daughter of her own. Peter ends up bringing Wendy's daughter to Neverland to be a mother figure for him.
Both Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie and The Lost Boys( 1987) show similar characteristics. Such as setting, characters, and theme. The setting is shown as both groups are looking for a place to get away from the norms of society. Certain characters share traits from both the movie and the book. Themes are clearly shared from both the book and the movie. The theme and mindset of both movie and the book are that of never growing up and is shown many times throughout. Santa Carla is simply a modern Neverland.
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