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Turning Points: How A Single Event Can Change Everything

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Reuben Lewin

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Turning Points: How A Single Event Can Change Everything

Turning Points: How A Single Event Can Change Everything
By: Reuben B Lewin


*Student will be able to identify how the Tet Offensive changed American's feelings towards the Vietnam War.
*Students will be able to identify what makes the Tet Offensive a "Turning Point."
Grade Level: 9th Grade World History

Standard: Concept 9: Contemporary World
The nations of the contemporary world are shaped by their cultural and political past.

PO 3.
Describe the development of political and economic interdependence during the second half of the twentieth century
A turning point is when there is some sort of event that completely changes the course of further events. Think of a turning point as "The straw that breaks the camels back."

Turning points are characterized by strong physical changes in the environment, and mental changes in the participants of the event.
What is a turning point?
*In February of 1968 during the Vietnamese lunar new year of "Tet" the Viet Cong & NVA stage a series of violent attacks against US and South Vietnamese targets across Vietnam.

*Americans were caught very off guard by the attack. Many Americans are killed. Attack is eventually repelled. Serious losses for the VC and NVA.

*Walter Cronkite: "Most trusted man in America" says on the CBS Nightly News that the war in Vietnam is now mired in stalemate.
The Tet Offensive
*What did Americans think after seeing pictures and footage of the Tet Offensive on the news?

*Why would Americans be surprised by the Tet Offensive? Why would they be surprised by the method of NVA and VC attack?
What type of effect would this have on the moral of Americans?
*Why was the Tet Offensive a "turning point" for the Vietnam War?
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