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Your Hawkes Math Learning Path

No description

Laura McPherson

on 11 January 2018

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Transcript of Your Hawkes Math Learning Path

Laura McPherson
How? What is the procedure for best learning experience?
A word about Hawkes TV
This is a collection of videos made by Hawkes available to you for each module you do.

Each one explains the skill. It is a teacher writing on a white board and explaining the skill.
You can also us
Khan Academy
.com for videos on the skill you are working on.
Why use Hawkes Computer-based site for learning math?
Lots of support for you
Videos from the company : watch and learn
Built in tutor : use it to figure out " how"
Can message the instructor right from the page
Watch instructor-made videos
"Try Similar" allows you to practice other examples( BEST Practice!) This means you can practice the skill over and over before you do the Certify.
Using the TUTOR button
If you come to a problem that you are unsure how to do - click on the tutor button
Read through this process ( don't just click through it), inputting each step until you get to the solution
Is this the answer you had?
If not, check through your solution
DO a SIMILAR problem by clicking on the TRY SIMILAR button on the right
This gives you the extra practice you need.
How to Successfully Use the Hawkes Math Learning Website
This is about learning. It is not about the grade; it is about finally mastering the math skill, so you can move on into your program.

It is about thinking the skill through and doing what is necessary to LEARN. The more you practice, the more it sticks in your head. It's called Mastery.

It is about gaining confidence in yourself.
Math Anxiety
A word of advice: if you are working on a module, and you are frustrated; have worked and worked and just cannot figure it out; PLEASE just shut your computer down.

Take a breather; get a cup of coffee, relax.

When you are frustrated, your brain shuts the learning down.

Take the time to come into the Academic Success Center and get some one-on-one help. Often just listening to someone explain it again is really helpful.

It's not a sin to ask for help. Albert Einstein once said, " You do not learn unless you make mistakes."

So take the right steps towards making your math class a success.
Your Dashboard
Understanding how to use this program is key to learning.
Practice Screen
This is where the notes are located
that Hawkes provides. Use this as
a way to review.

You can print each screen page out.
This is where you practice the skill.
You can do this more than once!!
This is the test for the
skill. If you fail this, you
must go back to the
practice first, do it again,
take notes, USE the tutor,
ask questions if you need
to by clicking on the
Instructor button.
You have a textbook!!!! Check it out here!
tutor button
Send the instructor an email
If you have struggle to know how,
use this button
Use this button often,
especially if this is
a difficult skill foryou
This link will give you
the answer to your
question about how to
input your answer
# of questions
Using the TUTOR button
Directions : this
is the procedure
Pay close attention to
the directions
Click on next page
Once you put in the answer,
you click and this is the screen you get. It tells you
whether you are right or wrong!
click OK ( you don't see it on this screen,
but you will see it where the submit button is
If you do not remember how to
change it to a % click on this link.
Then click on the Submit
Put in your answer: 88.9 %
Don't forget the % sign or it will call it wrong.
It tells you that you
are correct!
Click OK; this bring you to the
original screen with your answer.

Now once you are on the original scree, click on the TRY SIMILAR button
to try the skill again, until you remember the pr0cess.
1. FIRST: when you get home -
Review the LEARN module. It has notes that will help you remember what we did in class.
TRUE FACT: you have already forgotten about 80% of what I did in class; review is always a good plan!

Read each problem through twice before you attempt the problem-THINK: what are they asking you to solve?
Write the problem down; figure it out systematically ; step-by-step
Review everything before you put in your answer
Even if you are right, you may want to click the TRY SIMILAR button a few times and do another problem just like the one you had trouble with, until doing that kind of problem is second nature to you.
MAT 012-
Basic Math Skills
Laura McPherson
TEXT only: 540-5955(make sure you give me your name when you send the text)
Summer 2017
This walks you through the step by step solution.
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